CrossFit | Learn how to vary workouts for Quick Weight Loss

After yesterdays training disappointment I was looking forward to tonight’s crossfit session. Why was I looking forward to it? Well you are only as good as your last session, so a great session tonight, I felt, would put me back on track.

For tonight’s session I went to headed into my work gym, after my shift had finished at 10:00pm.

I know it is late to train, but the beauty of training at this time is I get the gym to myself, which is handy. When doing a crossfit session I need to leave equipment laying around the gym as I move from exercise to exercise, without a rest. I can’t do a session like this if the gym is busy.


My High Intensity Crossfit Session to Burn Fat


• Dynamic Stretching
• Elliptical Trainer (5 minutes)
• Body Weight Squats x 20
• Push-ups x 20

• 8 x Cleans (50kg)
• 10 x Chin-ups (BW)
• 15 x Push-ups (BW)
• 600m Run on Treadmill
• 8 x Cleans (50kg)
• 10 x Chin-ups (BW)
• 15 x Push-ups (BW)
• 600m Run on Treadmill
• 8 x Cleans (50kg)
• 10 x Chin-ups (BW)
• 15 x Push-ups (BW)
• 600m Run on Treadmill
• 8 x Cleans (50kg)
• 10 x Chin-ups (BW)
• 15 x Push-ups (BW)
• 600m Run on Treadmill


Feeling exhausted after a tough session!

• The workout is done from start to finish without a break.
• I run at 14km/h on the treadmill.
• Sip on water during the workout.

Warm down:
• Static Stretching.

This workout only took 35 minutes to complete, keeping my heart rate at an average of 137BPM, burning a little over 400kcal.

F0r the regular readers you will see that this session is a variation on my favourite crossfit session that I normally complete in The Pit. For a change I increased the volume of reps, weight and distance run, completing the cycle ony 4 times instead of the usual 5.

My reason for this was to keep my body guessing. The human body is extremely adaptive and if you keep providing the exact same stimulus to it, eventually, through adaption, your body will get used to it and you will no longer see improvement.

Let me know of any other crossfit sessions or HIIT sessions that you use, that you think I might be interested in giving a go!

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  1. Hi Niko,
    Those are some serious numbers dude! Great results. I love interval training, but haven’t officially completed a crossfit workout of the day in over 2 years. I have just been incorporating elements of the program into my routine!

    Great work!


    • Jordan,
      Thanks for the compliment. I’m interested to know how you incorporate elements of the program into you routine.

  2. That’s a tough WOD! I’ve done a variation of that one myself a time or two. The beauty of crossfit is that this is really no excuse for plateauing. You will also never master it. You will either do more reps, more weight, or do it faster. The variability is built into every single WOD.

    • Trey,
      What I find is some of the workouts are really deceptive. Sometimes I look at them and think it’s going to be easy, WRONG!!!! lol. I can’t remember ever finishing a crossfit session thinking ís that it?

  3. You have some serious committment Niko. Great work! It’s also nice that you change up your routines to keep your body guessing. Keep it up. :)

    • Chris,
      I need to keep varying my workouts, not only to keep my body guessing, but it keeps it fresh and helps me maintain my motivation levels.

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