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My day began at 5:00am, after being up till about 11:00pm the night before (eXcuse # 1). I had to be up to board a flight to Cairns, Queensland for a day work trip. No time for a solid breakfast, just a quick protein shake as I snuck out the door, being careful not to wake the family. Into a waiting taxi and off to the Brisbane Airport, meet with work colleagues, board a 7:00am flight and I’m off on a 2 ½ hour flight to Cairns (eXcuse # 2).

Touch down in Cairns at 9:30am, straight into a taxi to my accommodation, check-in, unpack and get collected by car to go to work (eXcuse # 3). Arrive at work at about 11:00am and work through till about 3:00pm (eXcuse # 4).

While I’m at work, by chance I run into an old friend of mine named ‘Scuba’. Scuba tells me how he has recently been introduced to Cross-Fit and wants to know if I’m interested in joining him and another bloke called ‘Pommy’ at a mates gym for a session, which is set up out the back of a business in the Cairns industrial area. I tell Scuba I don’t have any transport and my clothes are back at my accommodation which is about 1.5kms away (eXcuse # 5). Scuba tells me it’s not a worry and he will pick me up and drop me off from my accommodation, so we arrange to meet at 4:00pm.

Not long after speaking to Scuba, my work colleagues, who I had travelled with tell me they are organising to have a few beers and a BBQ after work back at our accommodation (eXcuse # 6). I tell them I already have plans but I will meet them at about 6:00pm.

At 4:00pm Scuba picks me up and we travel to his mate’s gym. Scuba then says to me what do you feel like doing today. The truth was on 6 hours sleep, a 2 ½ hour flight and a full day’s work I didn’t feel like doing anything (eXcuse # 7). Instead of telling him the truth, I told him you decide, I’m happy to do whatever. So, here is what the 3 of us did:

My Crossfit Session Begins


Crossfit heaven
  • 10 reps of Barbell Bench Press (70kg)
  • 250 meter run
  • 30 reps of Barbell Bench Press (30kg)
  • 250 meter run
  • 10 reps of Barbell Upright Rows (40kg)
  • 250 meter run
  • 30 reps of Barbell Upright Rows (20kg)
  • 10 reps Dumbbell Shoulder Press (15kg)
  • 250 meter run
  • 30 reps Dumbbell Shoulder Press (10kg)
  • 250 meter run


  • We did this workout twice through without a break.
  • We all started on a different exercise so that we could all be doing it at the same time.
  • We pre-loaded the bars up so we would do the heavier set, then as soon as we returned from the run we stripped the weight to do the lighter set. This cut down rest time and kept the heart rate up.

Now, I put everything into this workout and was impressed that I finished it in just on 30 minutes. When I say I put everything into it, I mean I emptied my tank thinking this was all we would be doing. WRONG, once we were done, Scuba told me we had to do some finishers.

I had heard of finishers, but never really done them. Not wanting to appear soft, I told Scuba, and Pommy I was good to go. Here is what the 3 of us did to finish out workout:


The running area next to the shed, we run all the way to the end and back!

  • 10 x Decline Push-ups (BW)
  • 10 x Hanging Knees to Elbows (BW)
  • 10 x Thrusters with Dumbbells (10kg)


  • This series was completed 5 times through on the following timings:
  • The clock started when we started.
  • We completed the exercises as quick as we could with good form.
  • When we finished a series we rested until the clock got to 2 minutes (i.e. if it took me 1 minute to do a series I then got to rest for 1 minute).
  • When my rest time was over I would repeat the series and rest from the remainder of the 2 minutes.

Warm Down:

  • Static Stretching

By the end of the session I was exhausted. We had trained 45 minutes, I had burnt just over 600 calories and my average Heart Rate during the session was 160 BPM. Training with Scuba and Pommy was great, we encouraged and challenged each other to get ourselves out of our comfort zones, something that is not all that easy top

It was a great session, I was out of my comfort zone because it was something new to me and my body wasn’t accustomed to it, and it was social. Before and after the session I had a good catch up with Scuba.

During the entire session I sipped on water. Once back at my accommodation I downed a Post-workout shake. I then had a shower and was downstairs at the BBQ with my work colleagues by 6:00pm. Dinner and a couple of beers later I was off to bed.

During the course of the day I could have used eXcuses as to why I couldn’t train, but I didn’t. The reason that I didn’t is because I am the only one who will miss out. None of my friends are going to care if I train or not, the only person that cares is me. If I had have used one of the eXcuses that I listed, I would have missed out on a great opportunity to catch up with a friend, doing an awesome unfamiliar workout, and I wouldn’t have burnt 600 calories.

Seize the opportunities to train when they present themselves. We are all time poor, short of cash, tired and stressed to varying degrees, so when the chance to combine free fitness with socialising take advantage of it.

That is the basic principle of noeXcuse fitness, realise when you are making an eXcuse and don’t let that eXcuse become a reason why you don’t train or eat well.

  1. Sounds intense! I wish my work gym had some more bench press space cause I would love to post that on Yeti Fit

    Keep it up Niko!

    • Trey,
      Maybe instead of doing the set of 30 bench press, you could do push-ups and actually only do the bench press for the set of 10. The push-ups would fatigue your chest before you got stuck into the bench press. Just a thought.

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