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During November 2010 I was walking through the CBD in Brisbane, Australia, when I noticed a new supplements shop called Australian Sports Nutrition (ASN) had opened for business.

Being that I had a bit of time on my hands I went in, had a look around and was impressed by the layout of the store and range of products that it stocked.

While I was looking around I was approached by a staff member named Stu.

After chatting for a while realized that Stu was not only easy to chat to, but he also knew his stuff.

As it turned out Stu was the manager of the newly opened store, and someone that over the next year and a bit I, not only purchased my supplements from, I have also approached for supplement, nutrition and training advice.

Before ASN opened in Brisbane, I purchased my supplements from quite a few different shops and online sites. To be truthful I was never overly happy with any of the advice that I got from staff in other shops and some of the online sites were really hit and miss with delivery times.

Now I don’t go anywhere else. I will either make a trip into the Brisbane ASN shop and catch up with Stu, or his sidekicks Bevan or Beni (sorry boys Stu told me to write that part) or if I am short on time I will place an order online.

Either way I know that I am getting my supplements for the right price, from an Australian supplements company, that backs up their products with advice from qualified staff.


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Here is What ASN Offers to Customers


ASN provides customers with easy access to the best quality supplements at the right price and with the right advice. Our aim is to help you reach your goals as your success is our success.

ASN has in-store and online a massive range of supplements for sport and health including; low-carb protein powders, muscle gain protein powders, fat burners, creatine, glutamine, multi-vitamins, gym accessories and much more!

We stock a large range for quick delivery to our customers

Our ASN Team is so dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, we provide free supplement advice to in-store customers, over the phone as well to those who use our mail or on-line web service. We don’t just sell supplements – we listen to every customer’s individual needs and help you to find what you need to fulfill your potential.

ASN prides itself on professional, friendly staff service and affordable, competitive prices on our products. We continue to grow our already top quality, exclusively imported brands as well as the Australian favorites you know and use. As we specialise in sports nutrition you can rest assured if it’s a top product – we stock it!!

No matter where you live in Australia, shop with ASN – you will notice the difference!

The reason for this post is to let you know that I am officially endorsing ASN as my supplement provider, which means, when you click on a link or advertisement for ASN on my site, I may receive a commission.

I just wanted to be straight up with everyone, I offer noeXcusefitness free for everyone to access and use. I cover any costs to run it I cover out of my pocket.

This association with ASN is a way that I can cover any costs associated with running the site, however I only do so as I genuinely believe in the company and have been purchasing my supplements through them for the last year.

If you have read my site for long enough you know that I would never promote something I didn’t believe in. I wouldn’t promote or endorse a bullshit product, just to make a quick buck. There is enough sites around like that already.

If this doesn’t sit well with anyone, that’s cool, all you will need to do is go directly to ASN’s website and purchase directly through them.

If you have any questions about my affiliation with a certain product or ad, feel free to contact me for additional details.

  1. Congrats on the collaboration Niko! I find that you know your stuff and you’re very astute when it comes on to supplements so anything you recommend has to be good.

    If I am ever in Australia I will certainly check ASN out and I encourage others to do so as well! 🙂

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