5 of the Best New Year Resolutions Tips

5 of the Best New Year Resolutions Tips

Have you made any fitness or nutrition new year resolutions yet? Have you already broken them? Don’t give up, the year has only just begun. Making a new year resolution is easy, keeping it is the hard part. All you might need is a bit of guidance to harness your motivation and enthusiasm. For a better chance of achieving your fitness and nutritional goals follow my best new year resolutions tips…

5 of the Best New Year Resolutions Tips

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You must identify the reason you want to change. If you embark on a new fitness regime or healthy eating plan without a reason, then you will fail. How do I know you will fail? Because you don’t know why you are trying to make a change. Identifying your reason for change will allow you set your goals.

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Make you resolution quantifiable. Don’t make a resolution such as ‘I am going to lose weight’, your resolution should be to lose a certain amount of weight. Making your resolution quantifiable will enable you to set your goals and identify your finish line, giving you something to strive for.

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Don’t make too many resolutions and make sure the ones you do make are something you really want to achieve. By this I mean don’t make a resolution based on the suggestion of a partner or friend.

Best New Year Resolutions

We can all use a little help now and then!

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Once you have thought of your resolutions, document them and record your progress. Write down your resolutions and put them somewhere you will see several times a day. Some ideal places are on the fridge at home, on a wall in your bedroom, in your purse or wallet, even save them in your phone or computer. It doesn’t matter where you put them, you just want to reinforce them to yourself several times a day. In addition keep a track of any progress you have made in a diary or notebook.

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Give your resolution a deadline. A resolution without a deadline is a dream. If your resolution does not have an end date then it is not measurable. When giving your resolution a deadline, be sure to break your main resolution into smaller milestones with a deadline of their own. For example, if you are trying to lose 10kg, break it down into 10 mini milestones ie: 1kg within a certain time frame.

Achieving your new year resolutions can be difficult, but not impossible. Like everything in life, you will need to commit to it, work hard and attack it with intensity and consistency. Even the best new years resolution tips won’t help you if you are not committed to achieving your goals.

Millions of people around the world have spent their hard earned money on fitness fads and gadgets only to be disappointed when they don’t achieve the body of their dreams. Remember there are no quick fixes when it comes to your health. Make this year the year you overhaul your lifestyle by committing to getting active and eating better.

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If you have any questions or want any more help with achieving your new year resolution, simply drop a comment below or message me through the contact me section.

  1. Niko,

    I’m going to admit I’ve fallen victim to a few of these resolution-killers before. Nowadays I don’t bother with the new years resolution thing, but in the past I’ve always try to do too many things at once, and always end up spreading myself thin with too many goals. I’d always feel guilty for not seeing them all through, but sometimes my average of completion was better than others. The silver lining. 🙂


    • Mitchell,

      I like your glass half full approach. Whilst new years resolutions are not for everyone, they can be very beneficial to others. If a new year resolution is all it takes to kick start someone to change their lifestyle, then it’s a great thing. It was a new year resolution that initally got me started on this journey.


  2. Hi Niko! Love this post! Another tip I’d like to add is to try and surround yourself as much as possible in an environment as well as with people who will help you to achieve your goal. For example, if you want to lose weight you can’t hang around with people who go to KFC all the time, lol. 😀

  3. Great tips! I think one of our biggest problems is only looking at resolutions as a once a year exercise. At my work we use 90 day plans for important projects/goals so I use the same concept for my resolutions/goals. It is a great way to incorporate several of your tips above into one action plan.

    • Richard,

      I agree the biggest problems with resolutions is we only look at them once a year. My hope is people use there resolutions to kick start a new lifestyle. I like the idea of the 90 day action plan, it’s a must to give your goals a deadline.


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