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Last night Mrs Niko and I went to a friend’s wedding and had a few too many drinks. Whilst not the most healthy thing to do, I still like to enjoy a few drinks with friends when I get a chance.

As I always say it is about finding a balance between a healthy lifestyle and still managing to enjoy times like these. I’m not advocating writing yourself off every week, but I every now and then is fine.

The down side to drinking a bit too much (aside from the alcohol), is the dreaded day after.

Most people when hung over will try and sleep it off, only waking to shovel some crap food into there body. I am the opposite, I don’t want one night of indulgence to flow onto the next day.

What I always do is make sure on the day after a night like this is eat clean a do a cardio session at some stage. I always find that eating clean gets me back on track and the cardio session flushes the crap out of my body from the night before.

Today Mrs Niko and I decided to do a boxing session. So at 8:30pm Mrs Niko and I decided to head into ‘The Pit’.


Our Fat Burning Boxing Circuit Begins


Our boxing circuit today consisted of the following.

• Dynamic Stretching
• Body Weight Squats x 20
• Push-ups x 20

Round of Boxing/Running/Squat Complex:

• 30 x Straight Punches.
• Run 10 metres downhill, turn and sprint 10 metres uphill back to your starting point.
• 10 x Squats (BW)
• 30 x Straight Punches.
• Run 10 metres downhill, turn and sprint 10 metres uphill back to your starting point.
• 9 x Squats (BW)
• 30 x Straight Punches.
• Run 10 metres downhill, turn and sprint 10 metres uphill back to your starting point.
• 8 x Squats (BW)

(Repeat this sequence until you reach one squat)

Round Notes:
• Complete the whole complex without break then swap over holding the mitts.
• Whether you are holding the mitts or doing the punching, we both do the squats.

Rounds of Combinations:
• 1 Min Combo (Cross-Cross-Uppercut-Uppercut)
• 1 Min Combo (Cross-Cross-Hook-Uppercut)

Round Notes:
• We use the timer to countdown the time, it’s far easy than having to keep checking a clock or watch.
• We obviously take it in turns.
• We just do one round of each combination, 2 minutes in total (1mins + 1mins)

Round of Ab Work:
• 50 x Crunches
• 50 x Crunches with Twist

Warm Down:
• Static Stretching

Overall Workout Notes:
• We complete the circuit without breaks, you get a rest when you are holding the mitts (although it’s not sometimes much of a rest).
• Sip on water throughout the workout.
• The person holding the mitts is to call out the total punches so the person doing the effort can concentrate on the exercise.

This whole session took 40mins to complete burning about 350kcals with an average heart rate of 120BPM.

I don’t know if there is any scientific evidence to suggest that doing cardio is a good hang over cure, but I find it works for me. Psychologically I find it keeps me on track. I do a lot of good for my body so a little bit of bad every now and then is not going to derail all of my efforts.

Remember that your eating and training has to be a way of life, not just something that you do for a period of time. Given that the way I eat and train is my way of life, I also need to be able to indulge myself every now and then without feeling guilty about it, it’s just about finding the right balance.

  1. I love boxing circuits and enjoy doing them as finishers after strength training. I usually do some punches with weights and then Tabata style training. Great way to burn some fun. Probably not a bad way to get back on track after a night out either!

    • Dave,
      I’m going to start incorporating some more specific Tabata style training to the end of my workouts. It’s amazing the results that this style of training seems to produce. Most people simply can’t believe that 4 short minutes can have such an effect on your body.

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