CrossFit | Learn how to vary workouts for Quick Weight Loss

After 2 days in a row of doing weight training, it was time to perform a HIIT session. Today I decided to do a crossfit session in the gym at the hotel where I am staying. One of the first things that I do when I a looking for a place to stay when I am away for work is look for a hotel that has a gym. The place I am staying at has a small gym with an all in one multi-function machine and several pieces of cardio equipment. Not a bad little set up, not enough for me to do my weights training, but definitely enough for me do do a crossfit session.

I love crossfit, probably because it is so adaptable for any situation. I can do a crossfit session with nothing but a skipping rope and using body weight exercises. Today after looking at the equipment I decided to do the following session:


My High Intensity Crossfit Session to Burn Fat


• Dynamic Stretching
• Star jumps x 50
• Body Weight Squats x 20
• Push-ups x 20


A shot of the rower and all-in-one machine in the gym.

• 5 min run on treadmill at level 12 speed
• 50 x Push-ups (BW)
• 5 min run on treadmill at level 12 speed
• 50 x Pulldowns
• 5 min run on treadmill at level 12 speed
• 50 x Leg Press
• 5 min run on treadmill at level 12 speed

• The workout is done from start to finish without a break.
• I choose level 12 speed on the treadmill because that is the speed required to run 5min kilometres, which is the speed that I always try and perform my runs at.
• Use a moderate weight for the weights component of the session, it needs to be challenging but not too easy. You want to try and complete the 50 reps without rest.
• Sip on water during the workout.

Warm down:
• Static Stretching.

This workout only took 38 minutes to complete, keeping my heart rate at an average of 131BPM, burning a little over 400kcal.

Today is an example of adpating to your environment. Normally I wouldn’t consider doing pulldowns as an exercise in this session, I would rather do chin-ups. Same goes for the leg press, I would much rather do squats or thrusters. But instead of using the lack of equipment or facilities as an eXcuse not to train I just decided on an alternative exercises. Use what you have at your disposal, don’t make eXcuses not to train. There are a lot of people with far less equipment and facilities but still find ways to train and stay in shape.

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