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For the last 2 days I haven’t done any training, not because I haven’t felt like it, I just decided to spend the last 2 days with my family. Both Mrs Niko and I had the weekend off together, which doesn’t always happen because we are both shift workers. So we all decided to head up to the Sunshine Coast for the weekend. As important as I feel exercise is, I place more importance on time with my family. You will notice that most of the time that I train it does not impact on time spent with my family. I either train at night after my boys are asleep, just before or after work or even in the backyard when while to boys are playing, see my boxing session.

Today however I felt like training, I mean I felt like I needed to train. It is at moments like these that you need to take advantage of the motivation that you feel and get out and train. My only problem today was that I only had about 45mins of spare time before I needed to go to work for an afternoon shift. At times like these I usually revert back to a session that I have previously completed in the amount of time that I have spare.

As I am still staying up at the Sunshine Coast in Queensland I decided to use the hotel gym to do a crossfit session. I chose this location and session for the following reasons:

It takes me only 1 minute to get to the gym from my room.
• I know I can complete a crossfit session in the gym in under 45mins, as I only just did this session last week.
• I felt that it was challenging enough to be of a benefit to me.


My High Intensity Crossfit Session to Burn Fat



• Dynamic Stretching
• Star jumps x 50
• Body Weight Squats x 20
• Push-ups x 20


A shot of the gym looking at the entrance. Not a bad little set up!

• 5 min run on treadmill at level 12 speed
• 50 x Push-ups (BW)
• 5 min run on treadmill at level 12 speed
• 50 x Squat Complex (BW)
• 5 min run on treadmill at level 12 speed
• 50 x Dips (BW)
• 5 min run on treadmill at level 12 speed

• The workout is done from start to finish without a break.
• I choose level 12 speed on the treadmill because that is the speed required to 1 kilometre in the allotted time. This is the speed that I always try and perform my runs at.
• You want to try and complete the 50 reps without rest.
• Sip on water during the workout.

Warm down:
• Static Stretching.

This workout only took 36 minutes to complete, keeping my heart rate at an average of 135BPM, burning a little over 410kcal.

I feel time with my family is extremely important and I didn’t want to spend any of my time on our weekend away on my own training. I guess that’s part of the reason why I started this site. I wanted to show people in similar situations to myself that you can find a balance between work, family and training. One doesn’t have to be sacrificed so that you can do another.

Let me know how you manage to fit training into your busy lifestyle.

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