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Over the last few weeks I have been doing some crossfit session with a work mate of mine who is just getting back into fitness. Today is the 3rd time that we got a chance to train together, however this is not the only 3 times that he has trained,  he has also been getting stuck into extra sessions on his own.

So while we were at work today we decided that we would meet up in the afternoon and head down to a nearby park and do another session together.

Today’s session is one that my mate Andy suggested to me to do. He actually posted it as a comment on a crossfit session that I had done previously.

So at about 4:30pm we headed down to the park and found some grass to do a session on, no equipment, just a lot of motivation.


My High Intensity Crossfit Session to Burn Fat


• Light 500m Jog.
• Dynamic Stretching


Most people would have a park like this near them.

• 20 x Push-ups
• 200m Run
• 19 x Push-ups
• 200m Run
• 18 x Push-ups
• 200m Run
• 17 x Push-ups
• 200m Run
• 16 x Push-ups
• 200m Run
• 15 x Push-ups
• 200m Run
• 14 x Push-ups
• 200m Run
• 13 x Push-ups
• 200m Run
• 12 x Push-ups
• 200m Run
(Continue this pattern until you reach zero push-ups)

• The workout is done from start to finish without a break.
• All exercises are done by using your body weight.
• Sip on water during the workout.

Warm down:
• Light 500m Jog
• Static Stretching.

This workout only took 28 minutes to complete, keeping my heart rate at an average of 152BPM, burning a about 400kcal.

This turned out to be a great session that I found challenging. My mate modified the workout slightly as he was finding it difficult to complete all the prescribed push-ups, so he just did less reps per sets. He still however completed all of the running component. The main thing was he didn’t give up, training is just as much about mental toughness and attitude as it is about your fitness levels.

I know a lot of people that would have given up when they couldn’t reach the required number of push-ups, but not my mate, he just hammered away (using strict form) at them until his body couldn’t did another one, then he got up and ran the 200m.

The other positive sign was I could genuinely see an improvement in his fitness levels after only such a short period of time, the best part is he could actually notice his fitness levels had improved. The fact that he could notice the improvement will spur him on to strive for greater improvements, and that’s how exercise becomes addictive.

If you have a session that you think I might be interested in doing, send me an email or post it in the comments like Andy did. I am willing to give pretty much any session a go. If I like it I will keep on doing it.

  1. That’s a pretty intense workout. I love Crossfit. I like the fact that It can be done so quickly but still gives you an amazing workout. I think one 20 minute Crossfit workout requires more effort than most people put into working out in a month.

    Try the “Tabata Something Else” workout of even “Fight Gone Bad” if you haven’t already. Those two are pretty intense.

    • Trey,
      You’re right about how hard a crossfit session is. I can burn more calories in a session of crossfit than I can going for a 10km run. Do you have the ‘Tabata Something Else’of ‘Fight Gone Bad’ workouts on your site?
      p.s: You site is pretty slick.

      • I don’t have them specifically on my site, but a quick google search and you will find all the information you need.

        Thanks for checking out my site! I’ll definitely be stopping by yours again.

        • Trey,
          I will google it and give it a try. I will post the workouts on my site, keep an eye out for them.

  2. That’s what you call mental toughness, I’m impressed by your mate. That’s an important trait to be successful in being fit. It’s definately not an easy road. The long term benefits however are tremendous.

    • Chris,
      If you can get your mental attitude right the results will follow. I am a big fan of setting goals. I have just finished writting an article on motivation and goal setting, which should be up on my site over the next couple of days.

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