CrossFit | Learn how to vary workouts for Quick Weight Loss

Yesterday I got a call from my mate Ormo who wanted to know if I wanted to do a crossfit training session with him today.

I had already planned to do a weight training session, but when the opportunity comes up to train with a mate I jump at the chance.

As I always say variety is key to keeping motivation levels up, furthermore I always find it motivating to train with someone else, especially Ormo as he pushes me harder than anyone else I train with.

So during the afternoon I headed over to Ormo’s place to do a session in his home gym. When I got there he told me that we we doing a session called the ‘Filthy 50’.

Filthy is probably not the word I would use to describe this workout, another ‘F’ word springs to mind that I think better describes the pain of this session. I have done this session with Ormo twice before and failed to finish it both times.


My High Intensity Crossfit Session to Burn Fat


• Dynamic Stretching

Workout: (10 Exercises)
• Chin-ups on Rings x 50 (BW)
• Downs x 50 (BW)
• Barbell Push Press x 50 (40kg)
• Skipping (100 Skips)
• Box Jumps x 50
• Push-ups x 50 (BW)
• Squats x 50 (20kg Plate)
• Dumbbell Bench Press x 50 (20kg Dumbbells)
• Chase the Rabbit (50 Each Leg)
• Jumping Lunges (50 Each Leg)

For variety try doing chin-ups on a set of rings!

Notes About Workout:
• Do the exercises in any order that you want. On Ormo’s advice we started with the harder exercises like push-press, chins and downs while we were fresh.
• In between each exercise you do a set of V Sit-ups for 50 reps, this is you chance to catch your breath (sort of)
• The workout is done from start to finish without a break.
• Sip on water during the workout.

Notes About the Exercises:
• With all the exercise do as many reps in a row as you can manage. If you can’t complete 50 reps in a row, stop for a very short period of time then continue with the reps until you reach 50.
• Downs are a Burpee except at the bottom of the movement you lay flat on the ground.
• Jumping Lunges are a lunge that you explode out of the down position and switch legs over mid-air and land back in the down position.
• Chase the Rabbit are also called Mountain Climbers. The are kind of hard to explain so I have posted the below video.



Warm down:
• Static Stretching.

This workout took 46 minutes to complete, keeping my heart rate at an average of 141BPM, burning a little over 570kcal.

The good news is I completed this session for the first time ever without stopping. Ormo the fit bugger completed it in about 35 minutes.

Don’t look at this workout and feel that it is impossible, like all training you need to cater it to suit you needs, strength and fitness limitations. As an example there is no point setting yourself a task of completing 50 chin-ups, if you struggle to complete 10.

With this workout there is no rule about which exercises to complete. The only advice I would give is make sure that you can alternate exercises between your lower body and upper body otherwise you will quickly fatigue.

Another variation of this workout that I have heard of is the ‘Terrible 25’. It’s the exact same workout but you only complete 25 reps of each exercise.

If you feel up to it give this session a try and let me know how you go! Also if you have any questions about the workout, I am happy to help.

  1. Hey mate, this is a tough session, no mater what your fitness level. As you stated in your post, the key to getting through this one is doing an upper body exercise followed by a lower body exercise and making sure you breathe during the rest (abs) exercise. Great idea to ease into it with the terrible 25. These are great sessions you can do at home with minimal equipment. Good to catch up as well. Cheers Ormo

    • Ormo,
      You didn’t let me ease into the terrible 25’s!!!! In all honesty, this workout is very challenging and I was very proud to post that I had finally completed it. Looking forward to our next session.

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