Need Help Getting Motivated to Workout? This Might Help!

Need Help Getting Motivated to Workout? This Might Help!


Achieving that desired physique takes a lot of persistence and discipline and if you do not have the self motivation to commit to working out and to follow a healthy nutrition plan then you will not be successful.  Are you struggling with getting motivated to workout and eat well?

So many persons make it their New Year’s resolution to get in shape and they start out with a lot of enthusiasm and energy in the beginning only to fall back into their old ways and give up.  It does not have to be this way if you have particular checks and balances in place to help you along the way.

The Keys to Getting Motivated to Workout and Eat Well

The first thing you need to have straightened out if you are struggling with getting motivated to workout and eat well is before you do anything is what your fitness goals are.  Are you skinny and wanting to bulk up or are you overweight and wanting to lose fat as well as build muscle mass at the same time?  Maybe you just want to get toned or you want to develop a particular lagging muscle such as an underdeveloped chest.  Whatever your goal is once you know specifically what you want to accomplish you can then create a workout and nutrition plan specifically tailored to achieve your goal.  Having that solid workout and nutrition plan that you can follow on a long term basis will make your life a lot easier.

Are You Measuring Your Progress?

The part most people fall down on is the means to measure your progress.  Progress is not always noticeable especially when it is gradual so you might get demotivated more easily than if you were tracking your progress.  A measuring tape is a MUST.  Know how to take your measurements: waist, chest, arms etc. and track these numbers as you go along.  You will be surprised at how much progress you are making that you might not have noticed in the mirror. Your progress no matter how small will further motivate you to stick with it when the road gets rough.  If you have problems taking your own measurements then you can ask someone to help you but as far as I am concerned taking your measurements is the most effective way to evaluate your progress although a weight scale and taking pictures are also helpful.

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Is Your Environment Conducive to Your Fitness Aspirations?

The third most common mistake many people make, when they are struggling with getting motivated to workout and eat well, is to go it alone.  I’m not telling you that you have to work out with other people but there might be a greater chance of success if you surround yourself with persons who have similar goals and aspiration as your own.  All of you can act as a sounding board to each other and inspire the other when one of you gets discouraged.  In this way you will have a support group you can rely on when things get tough.  After all, you need to create an environment in which achieving your fitness goal is made easier.

Final Thoughts

When it all comes down to it and whether you follow my advice or not, if you really want to achieve a particular fitness goal you will be successful.  Being fit and healthy is a choice only you can make and self motivation is the most important factor determining success in any area of life.  I wish you the best in your quest to obtain a better body.

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About the Author: Chris Brown is a fitness enthusiast and founder of Gain Build Muscle where he helps men and women from all over the world get the body of their dreams without wasting countless hours at the gym.


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