How Hidden Exercise Helps Me Stay Fit. Find Out How

Today marks my last day in Cairns, can’t wait to get home. Last night I worked until 11:00pm and I’m back at work at 8:00am. While I’m working I run into Scuba who invites me to play a game of touch football. He tells me that a  group of people from work go down to the local high school and play touch football at about 4:30pm every Tuesday afternoon. Now I could have used the eXcuse that I was tired and I need to be on a plane later in the day, but I didn’t.

It took me about 1 second to decide that I wanted to go, WHY? I had about 4 hours to kill between when I finished work and when I had to be at the Cairns Airport to catch a flight back to Brisbane. Further, it’s free, it’s social and I enjoy doing it. When something is free and I enjoy doing it I call this HIDDEN EXERCISE, I know I’m exercising, but it’s costing me nothing and doesn’t feel like an exercise routine or program because it’s fun.

My Hidden Exercise Session Begins

benefits of hidden exercise

benefits of hidden exercise

So after work I head down to the local High School oval and have a run around. Before I left I strapped on my heart rate monitor to keep track of how hard I was working while I was having fun.

When I got there I was please to see about 17 other people had turned up, both male and female aged from their early 20’s to well into their 50’s.

For the next 1 hour and 10 mins I ran around enjoying myself. By no means was this a highly competitive full on game, but by the end of the game I was pleased to see that I had burnt about 800 calories with an average heart rate of 140 BPM. Not bad considering all I did was enjoy a bit of a run around.

If someone says they don’t like or they hate exercising, to me all that means is that they haven’t found something they like doing yet. What I find enjoyable may not be what the next person finds enjoyable. Personally I enjoy swimming for fun, but loath doing swimming as exercise. To start with I’m not very good at it, my wife actually cannot figure out why the lower half of my body sinks when I swim, she actually jokes that it’s probably because my arse is too heavy.

My wife on the other hand is an excellent swimmer, but loathes long distance running, as I said each to their own. Keep trying new things until you find an activity that you enjoy and you to can be doing HIDDEN EXERCISE.

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