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For about the last 9 weeks I have been trailing a new weights training program. If you have been following my weekly doses, you would have heard me talking about the program, but I never mentioned the name.

My reasoning for not mentioning the program’s name was, I started this site to provide support for people with their fitness endeavours in an honest and forthright manner. I never started this site to make a quick buck.

After testing the first 2 phases this program, I can truthfully say that I have achieved some great results and am happy to recommend this program to you all.

The program I have been trialing is Muscle Gaining Secrets <— Link to Website by Jason Ferruggia.

For all of my female readers that just read the program’s title, I bet you all just had visions of becoming a big bulked up muscle machine, that will no longer be able to fit into those awesome pair of skinny leg jeans that you had your eye on.

Before you navigate away from this page, wait. Don’t despair, I think the name is a little misleading, Mrs Niko has been trialing this program with me and has been getting outstanding results.

You will see from mine and Mrs Niko’s results below that neither of us became big and bulky, instead we both got stronger and leaner.


Muscle Gaining Secrets


Well lets break it down to see exactly what you get in the program <— Link to Website, what I consider to be it’s pro’s and cons’and what results Mrs Niko and I managed to achieve over the last 9 weeks.

What’s Included?

As soon as you order the program you will be instantly sent the product via email, no waiting for the snail mail to arrived. Once you receive the email you will find several PDF files containing the following

  • A 3 x Fully Detailed 16 Week Training Program
  • Printable Workout Log Sheets
  • Exercise Database
  • A Nutrition Guide with Meal Plans
  • 10 Minute Muscle Meals Recipe Guide
  • Supplement Report
  • Growth Tracker Software
  • Uncensored Audio Quick Start Guide
  • One Month Membership in the Renegade Inner Circle Coaching Group

For more details about what’s included Click Here <— Link to Website



  • No injuries.
  • No boredom.
  • In line with my philosophy of exercises.
  • Short intense workouts.
  • Specific reference is made to structure of female routines.


  • The name of the program and some of the enclosed ebooks are a bit off putting to females, or men who are trying to lose weight.
  • The cardio is effective but boring.
  • When training at home in The Pit some of the exercise structure made the session slightly longer than I like as weights needed to be moved from on area to another.

In respect to the con’s I outlined, none of them were enough for me to regret buying or using the program. The cardio that is recommended is HIIT, which I am a massive advocate of, but I found the recommended structure to be a bit boring. Instead I continued with my usual cardio sessions, which can be found in my weekly doses.

My issues with the exercise structure making the sessions slightly longer came down to a lack of free weights in The Pit, as opposed to a flaw in the program. What I  found was that on some of the training days, when perform alternating exercises, due to the lack of free weights, I found that I spent a bit of time moving weights from exercise to exercise. What that meant was on some days, my training session went for up to 10 minutes longer than I would have liked.

All in all I have no regrets about buying this program and highly recommend it to everyone, male or female. In my opinion the pro’s far out way the con’s.

Results Achieved

The Notable results that I achieved were outstanding:

  • I managed to gain 2kg of body weight.
  • Reduced my bodyfat percentage by a full percent, which means all I added was muscle.
  • Further I managed to increase my maximum lifts across all exercises during the program:
  • Incline Bench Press Increased by 25%
  • Deadlifts Increased by 23%
  • Dips Increased by 100%
  • Squats Increased by 12.5%

Mrs Niko’s results were no less impressive:

  • She managed to lose 4kgs of body weight.
  • Drop a whole dress size.
  • The end result for Mrs Niko changed her body shape and now looks fantastically toned.
  • Further she managed to increase her maximum lifts across all exercises during the program:
  • Incline Bench Press Increased by 40%
  • Deadlifts Increased by 66%
  • Dips Increased by 200%
  • Squats Increased by 25%

If you are looking for a program that will make you lean and strong, then this is the program for you.

The reason for this post is to let you know that No Excuse Fitness is officially endorsing the Muscle Gaining Secrets program <— Link to Website.


If you have any questions about the program or results that Mrs Niko and I achieved, drop a comment below!

  1. What I like about you is how thorough you are with everything Niko! 😀 Whenever you recommend something I always know it will be good because you do your research. I’ll definately look into this e book because I am very impressed by your recommendation. 🙂

  2. Niko, Results – that’s one of the fun things about fitness is RESULTS.

    I also love the idea that you and your wife did the program together. What caught my eye was the vast improvement in dips. Had either of you trained doing dips prior to the 9 weeks? Because that’s a huge improvement in a short about of time. Nice work.

    • Troy,

      You are spot on, results are what count, not marketing hype. To answer your question about dips, Mrs Niko had never done them before, so her improvement was expected. For me I had always done dips but only using my body weight. Just before I started the program I got myself a weight belt, so that I could do chins and dips with added weight. I was actually surprised at the progress I made with dips myself, I probably should have got myself a weight belt years ago.


  3. Nice/honest overview of the program. I honestly haven’t checked it out but it was already at the top of my list.

    I’m curious … do you own Visual Impact Muscle Building? I do and am a big fan but am curious about other programs too and am wondering if you think it’s worth getting this even though I already have VIMB.

    Thanks for your input!


    • Kevin,

      I don’t own, nor have I used the Visual Impact Muscle Builing program. To be honest it was a toss of the coin between the 2, as I had heard great things about both. To answer your question I think this program is worth getting. This opinion is based purely on the results that Mrs Niko and I got from the program. If you do give it a try I would be interested to hear your thoughts.


  4. Niko,

    I have a question. What does one do after completing the 16 week program? Can/do they just restart at the beginning or move on to a different program?

    • Robert,
      The program lasts a lot longer than 16 weeks. It is actually 3 different 16 week programs with 3 different levels to choose from- beginner, intermediate, and advanced. I probably didn’t make that clear enough in the review. I have clarified it in the article now. Thanks for the pick up. Mrs Niko and I completed 2 phases of the intermediate programs.

  5. I also promote Jason’s book through my own site.
    Jason knows his sh*t. No two ways about it 🙂

    • Jason definitely knows his sh*t. The results that I managed to achieve in only 9 weeks are a testament to that.

  6. I really like the fact that you took the effort to test the product and really measure the results before you wrote anything about the JF’s system. This is a pretty rare approach, good for you and for your readers!

    • Thanks Vaclav, I refuse to put a product on my site unless I have actually tested it or someone that I trust and respect has tested it. That way the reader knows that it’s not just a sales pitch when they see me writing about a product or training system.

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