Learn How to Stay Motivated to Work Out, No Excuses!


Lately I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Jonathan Dunsky from www.worldofdiets.com. Jonathan’s own weight loss journey inspired him to share his knowledge that he has acquired over the years. Jonathan kindly offered to write a guest article for noeXcusefitness, which I am sure that you will all enjoy. Here is Jonathan’s article on common fitness excuses and how to bust through them.

One of the big challenges of getting fit and burning fat is to actually stick to your workout plan in the first place. Unless you’re a gym fanatic, you will find yourself entertaining various excuses for skipping workouts. In this post I want to talk about some of the more common excuses and how you can bust through them, and learn how to stay motivated to work out.

Excuse #1 – Lack Of Time

This is probably that most common excuse of them all. We are all very busy and free time is not easy to come by. This is why a lot of people who don’t workout as much as they should claim that it is not due to their character, but the lack of time they suffer from.

I have one reply to this excuse: Do short workouts.

Let’s be real here: you don’t need to spend hours at the gym to burn fat and get lean. If you’re ready to work hard, you can get awesome results with 30 minutes workouts. Just work hard, do compound exercises, train in circuits, and it shouldn’t take much of your time.

Excuse #2 – Bad Weather

Rain (and it’s step-cousin, snow) is one of the excuses people make when they don’t feel like going to the gym. In most cases this is laughable because, unless there’s a storm, there’s no real reason not to go out to the gym. It’s not like life comes to a halt whenever there’s a drizzle.

However, even if you do feel that it’s safer not to drive to the gym, there’s no reason not to train. You can always do a body weight workout at home. With killer exercises like squats, push-ups, lunges, and all their variations, you can do an effective workout anywhere. No need for equipment.

So, while I may accept you not going to the gym in bad weather, skipping a workout is still inexcusable.


how to stay motivated to work out

If you want something bad enough, you will find a way!


Excuse #3 – It Won’t Do Any Good Anyway

If you ever tried to lose weight before and failed, you may have become discouraged and lost all belief in the possibility of change. In this case you may believe that there is simply no point in working out any more.

This is the wrong way to think about it. Sure, you may have lacked success before, but this likely means that you didn’t workout as you should. Either you didn’t train often enough or you did it inefficiently. Now is the time to educate yourself on the right way to exercise. Giving up will never lead to results.

Excuse #4 – No Money

When you turn on the TV or read a fitness magazine, you may get the impression that losing fat and getting fit requires a lot of money. You need to pay for equipment, gym memberships, supplements, and various programs.

In today’s economy, just the prospect of spending this kind of money can be daunting.

However, if lack of money is your excuse for not working out, let me bust it for you right now. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get fit. All you need is a cheap jump rope, an inexpensive stability ball, and a used set of dumbbells. You can even make do with body weight exercises and train for free!

Excuse #5 – You Have An Injury

If you suffer from an injury, I feel for you. You may not be able to workout as much as you would have liked to. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t train at all.

Unless you suffer from full body injuries, there should be muscles that you can still train. For instance, if you’re having knee problems, you can still do upper body exercises, and if you sprained your shoulder, you can still do squats and lunges. My point is that you can usually find something to do. It’s up to you.

The bottom line is that making excuses is easy and will never help you to improve your body and lose fat. I’ve shown you how to bust through most of the common excuses. Don’t try to find more reasons for not working out. Just get busy and train hard. This is how you get results.

Jonathan Dunsky lost over 30 pounds 12 years ago and has kept them off ever since. He now provides free weight loss tips and other exercise and nutrition information on www.WorldOfDiets.com, his health and fitness blog.

If you have any questions for Jonathan or general questions about motivation, drop a comment below!

  1. Jonathan, great myth busting list and congrats on maintaining your weight loss. I carry training equipment in my car trunk. That way I can squeeze in a quick workout in a park or parking lot any day of the week. There is always time if you make health a priority.


    • Richard,
      Great idea about carrying training equipment in your car. I’m the same, I always have a bag with me that has training clothes, shoes, a towel and a water bottle. If an opportunity to train comes up, I’m always ready to take advantage of it.

  2. Great article Jonathan. As Niko always says “No Xcuses!”. I find that once I have a really good and intensive workout programme and great workout partners to workout alongside I’ll always enjoy working out to the point that I become addicted to it.

    If you find you lack motivation then you have got to do something to get the motivation going.

    • Chris,
      Like you say, working out is much easier when you have a training plan and people to train with. Whenever I start to drop in motivation, I always make sure I schedule a training session with a mate.

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