Learn Why You Must Drink Water for Muscle Growth

I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Chris from www.gainbuildmuscle.com lately. Chris’s passion for fitness and writing have led him to share his knowledge that he has acquired over the years. Chris kindly offered to write a guest article for noeXcusefitness, which I am sure that you will all enjoy. Here is Chris’s article on why you must drink water for muscle growth.



We tend to focus on the type of foods we eat, supplements, and lifting weights to build muscle, but forget a very important factor: water.  It is critical that you drink water to build muscle as water is one of the most abundant elements on earth, and is necessary for the many chemical reactions that take place in our bodies on a daily basis.


Why you Need Water for Muscle Growth!



Your muscles need water, in fact, 70% of what constitutes muscle is water, while water constitutes just 30% of fat.  Therefore, the more muscle you have is the more water you will require.  Water helps to give your muscles a full and strong look by allowing nutrients to be transported into muscle cells so that they can expand.  If you are not adequately hydrated then a significant amount of your energy will be lost, which will negatively affect your performance in the gym.


Water Helps Expel Waste Material


Weightlifting places the body under extreme stress, you are breaking down muscle tissue and building new ones.  As a result, your body has to work harder to expel waste material.  Water plays a vital role in helping the kidneys to flush out waste, especially with the increased intake of protein and other muscle building supplements.  A high protein diet can be poisonous and muscle building supplements might place the kidneys and liver under stress to expel waste material.  Therefore, weightlifters need water above the recommended requirements of the average person.


Water encourages Muscle Growth


The ideal state for building muscle is one in which nutrients can be used to repair muscle tissue that has been damaged during weightlifting.  However, if your cells do not have enough water it will push your body into a catabolic state in which you begin to lose muscle.  In order for muscle growth to occur nutrients have to be transported to the needy cells, which is what water facilitates.  Water is also necessary for the various chemical reactions that occur during the formation of new muscle tissue.  Therefore, it is vital for muscle growth.


How Much Water Should You Have


It is recommended that the average adult drink 8 – 10 cups of water daily.  This will be more for those training to build muscle since you lose a lot of water during workouts through sweat.  It is always best to carry a bottle of water with you at all times and you should never wait until you are thirsty to drink, this is a sign that damage has already been done.

It is clear to see how essential it now is to drink water for muscle growth. No amount of clean eating or supplementation can help you achieve your fitness goals if your body is operating in a dehydrated state.


Chris is a 24 year-old fitness enthusiast. For more tips, tricks and advice on how to gain lean muscle weight visit Chris at www.gainbuildmuscle.com

  1. People often underestimate the effects of basics like sleep and water.

    Great post.

    • I see a lot of people spend a fortune on supplements to keep then alert and stimulated for workouts. If they only understood the value of a good nights sleep and keeping hydrated, they would find that their energy levels would naturally pick up, not to metion the money they would save.

  2. I drink a ton of water and find that it’s not only good at helping muscles, but prevents overeating as well. Dehydration is a common cause for perceived hunger pain. Stay hydrated and get all the fitness benefits!

  3. Very good point Dave! Many times we mistake thirst for hunger. If we drink enough water we will lessen the chances of overeating!

    • @ Chris and @ Dave,

      That is a great tip fo weight loss. When you feel hungry drink a glass of water. If you are still hungry after the drink, then it’s probably time to eat. The bonus with this method, is that when you do eat, your stomach will have less room, because you just drank the water, which will lead to you feeling fuller earlier, thus not overeating.

  4. I’m up to 2L of water per day and have never felt better in my life. People underestimate the power of staying hydrated.

    • Srdjan,
      2L a day is about what I aim for as well. I really notice when I don’t hit that mark, my energy levels tend to drop and inevitably I end up with a head ache.

  5. I would like to share a particular of my popular motivational health and fitness quotes with you and your viewers: “Consider treatment of your shape. It can be the only area you have to live.” – JimRohn

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