My 34th Birthday

Today is my 34th birthday and also a day off from training. The last 6 days have been a bit out of the ordinary because I have been away from home. Being away from home I had a bit more spare time than normal, so I took advantage of it and trained every day that I was away.

Normally I will train on average for about five 30-45 minute sessions a week. These are not on set days and will vary from week to week, depending on various things such as work and family commitments. After training for 6 days in a row, I decided to take a day off and why not, it’s my birthday.

Ordinarily I will only blog about  training, unless I have a point to make or something to share that I think might illustrate that I am just a normal every day 34 year-old happily married, shift working, father of a two boys aged 4 and 2.

I do not train like a professional athlete, nor do I measure or weigh every item of food that goes into my mouth. I train as hard as I can when I get the chance, and I am mindful of what I eat, but not to the point of being fanatical.

Today is one of those days that fitness professionals would frown upon, but I think you need balance in your life.

Being my birthday the guys at work surprised me with a cake. Now there is no way that I am not going to eat cake for my birthday. When I got home that night, my wife and kids surprised me with my favourite take-away meal of Chinese food, followed by an ice cream cake for desert, all of which I enjoyed immensely.

A day like this obviously isn’t an everyday occurrence, normally I advocate only having one cheat meal a week, but it was my birthday so I indulged and you know what, because I don’t eat food like this every other day, it’s was a massive treat and I reckon I enjoyed it even more.

  1. Can hardly wait to read more and try some exersises to improve body tone.

    • To improve your body tone, keep an eye out on some of my latest weight training posts. Mrs Niko has started to incorporate weight training into her regular program.

  2. That is so great you enjoyed your birthday Niko! 😀 Sometimes you have got to give yourself a cheat day and your birthday is well worth it.

    By 34 I also hope I can be happily married, with children and be fit like you, you are my role model in this regard. I’m 24 now. When did you get married? 🙂

    • Chris,
      I’m flattered that you think of me as a role model. That is the aim of my site, to prove that no matter what you situation in life you can stay fit and eat well. To answer your question, I have been happily married for 7 years.

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