Niko’s Weekly Dose # 21 | Follow My Weekly Fitness Plan

This installment of Niko’s weekly dose is vastly different from previous editions. This week I partook in a week long Rugby League tournament.

This tournament involved 3 games of Rugby League. Given how taxing these games are on your body I decided to not complete any structured training during the week.

For those that are not sure what Rugby League is check out these videos.



This video highlights the defensive aspects of the the game:


This video highlights the attacking aspects of the game:



During the week I played on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Each of the games last 50minutes each. Due to the physical nature of the games I can’t where a heart rate monitor. Instead I used a calorie calculator at to workout my calorie expenditure for the games.


Each of these games (not including warm-up and warm-down) took 50 minutes to complete, burning about 625kcal per game.

The bad news for the week is my team the Brisbane Bulldogs, went into the tournament as the defending premiers however this year we only managed to finish 3rd.

The good news for the week is I managed to not pick up any major injuries.

Whilst I didn’t pick up any major injuries my body is feeling fairly sore (read bashed and bruised) and a bit run down.


A Shot of My Corked Thigh


Prior to the carnival I had been training consistently with intensity for quite a few months, this coupled with the fact that my body took a bit of punishment at the tournament, I have decided to take the next week off training.

This week will be essential for resting and recuperating. I’m looking to use this week to recharge, and give my body time to let my muscles heal and completely recover.

People under estimate the power of rest. My thought process is my training and the recent tournament have placed stress on my body, and if not given the proper time to rest or recover, injury and sickness may result.

A week off training does not mean a week of no discipline. My nutrition and supplementation will still be spot on as I need to give my body the best nutrients in order for it to repair and heal itself.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Niko’s Weekly Dose, as I will be starting the second phase of testing for my new Afterburn Training System.


Anyhow that’s the week that was, below is a summary of the week.



Weekly Summary:
Sessions: 3
Total Time Trained: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Total kcals: 1,875


  1. Love rugby. Use to play all the time.

    You are right about how much it takes out of you and how much rest you need.

    What position do you play?

    • Jason,
      Your right about how much it takes out of you. I play at fullback. Who did you used to play for and what position?

  2. Well Niko, third place is better than nothing, haha. 😀 Ouch at your bruises though. That’s rough! I have never played rugby before. I used to play soccer but that’s a long time ago. My favourite sport is lawn tennis but I haven’t played it in a long while. I really need to get back to playing sports!!! 🙂

    • Chris,
      Thanks mate, the bruises have healed now and I’m keen to get back into training after a week off. Playing sports is a great way to exercises, without actually feeling like you are training.

  3. Niko… very insightful comments…. found the training and playing breakdown of calories very interesting… keep up the good work.

    • Mike,
      I wish I could actually wear a heart rate monitor to see exactly how hard you actually work during a game.

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