Personal Trainers – Do I Need One?

Personal Trainers – Do I Need One?

Personal Trainer

Maybe you gained a few pounds, or maybe you’re getting bored of your current gym routine and are in need of a challenge. Whatever the case may be, everyone can benefit from having a personal trainer. A personal trainer offers you safe and effective challenges. And chances are your personal trainer will become your very close friend.

I’m sure we can all agree that the majority of us have very busy lives, and most of us have a lot of different things going on. Between work, family, health, pets, and a social life – if you’re lucky to have one. We can agree that it can be a challenge to make it to the gym, let alone create a workout plan.

There are wonderful programs and workouts you can easily find online. With social media taking over – Google, Facebook, and YouTube make this very easy. But now take five different people, all Google-ing the same workouts and training the same way. Will all five people get the same results? Three out of the five people have injuries or ongoing pain they deal with due to situations at work. The other two people are obese and overweight. So all five of these people need to find a workout best for them. While these workouts you are finding online are excellent, and even posted by some of the best athletes and trainers in the world, having your own personal trainer to create a unique and custom workout plan according to your own goals will be 100x more effective.

The first step to finding a personal trainer at your gym is to ask. Most gyms will let you have a complimentary fitness session with as many of their trainers as you like. You might love the first trainer you have a session with, but don’t be afraid to shop around. Remember you are making an investment for your life. Personal training prices will vary from gym to gym and trainer to trainer. Depending on a trainer’s qualifications, experience, and certifications. Some prices may seem a little steeper than others, but like I said before – this is an investment for your life. This is the difference between being healthy and fit and living a longer life to enjoy with your family and friends, or remaining the same leaving your health up in the air.

Your first complimentary session with your personal trainer will be an assessment as well as a workout. This is where your trainer gets to know you and learns as much information about your lifestyle as possible, as well as you need to get to know them. They will ask you questions regarding your career and what you do on a daily basis – is your job sedentary or are you on the go? They will need to know if you have any medical conditions or surgeries; both past and present. Your personal trainer will also check your weight, measurements, and body fat so you have a starting guideline to go by for your next weeks and months of training. Finally your trainer will ask you to perform a few movements – usually a squat, to check for any imbalances you might have that will need to be corrected during your workouts. From there you are all set for your first workout! After your workout is complete you will be able to make a better judgment on choosing your trainer. Your trainer will also then be able to work on a create an entire exercise program based on yourself and your goals in a healthy but safe and timely manner.

Now that you have started your program with your trainer, you will most likely be training with them 2-3x per week. That means your trainer is going to hold you accountable for the rest of the time not spent in the gym, especially when it comes time to your nutrition. On the other hand, seeing your trainer 3x per week is more than some of us see our friends, or family! Working 9-5 jobs, going to school, and always running around that we become so busy. You begin to talk and open up to your trainer more – about your day, your spouse, children, school. Your personal trainer is no longer just your trainer. He or she becomes your best friend, psychiatrist, physical therapist. This is the person who knows the most about you, and probably one of the few people you speak to the most. Your trainer should always be there for you, whether it be a phone call, text, or e-mail. They are there as your motivator, supporter, and friend. Now how can you put a price on that?

This article was originally published by Erica Dee Torres on GYM FLOW 100

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