Simple & Effective Boxing Circuits to Stay Fit & Lose Weight

Today for the second day in a row Mrs Niko and I had a chance to train. After doing a weight training session the night before, a cardio session was on the cards. We decided earlier in the day to do a boxing session. So at about 8:00pm we headed into ‘The Pit’ (My home gym) for a session.

All the equipment we used was a set of gloves, a set of focus mitts and a countdown timer. For today’s session I let Mrs Niko decide on the routine. This was for two reasons. Firstly her back injury was playing up a bit, so I needed to be guided as to what exercises she could and couldn’t do. Secondly, it is always good to do a session that has been decided by someone else. If you always have control of your own sessions, there can sometimes be a tendency, consciously or sub-consciously to make the session slightly easier for yourself.


Our Fat Burning Boxing Circuit Begins


If you don’t have a training partner. Get yourself a punching bag.

• Dynamic Stretching
• Body Weight Squats x 20
• Push-ups x 20


• # 1: 30 (Straight Punches) + 30 (Uppercuts Punches) + 30 (Cross Punches) + 10 BW Squats (Repeat 3 times)

• # 2: 10 (Hard Straight Punches) + 10 (Hard Uppercuts Punches) + 10 (Hard Cross Punches) + 10 BW Squats (Repeat 3 times)

• # 3: 30 (Straight Punches) + 30 (Uppercuts Punches) + 30 (Cross Punches) + 10 BW Squats (Repeat 3 times)

• # 4: 10 (Hard Straight Punches) + 10 (Hard Uppercuts Punches) + 10 (Hard Cross Punches) + 10 BW Squats (Repeat 3 times)

• Complete Round #1 3 times through then swap over holding the mitts.
• Once you have both completed Round #1, move onto Round # 2. Continue until all rounds are finished.
• Whether you were holding the mitts or doing the punching, we both do the squats.

Rounds of Combinations:
• 2 Min Combo (Cross-Cross-Uppercut-Uppercut)
• 2 Min Combo (Cross-Cross-Hook-Uppercut)

• We use the timer to countdown the time, it’s far easy than having to keep checking a clock or watch.
• We obviously take it in turns.
• We just do one round of each combination, 4 minutes in total (2mins + 2mins)

Round of Ab Work:
• 50 x Crunches
• 50 x Crunches with Twist

Warm Down:
• Static Stretching

• We complete the circuit without breaks, you get a rest when you are holding the mitts (although it’s not sometimes much of a rest).
• Sip on water throughout the workout.
• The person holding the mits is to call out the total punches so the person doing the effort can concentrate on the exercise.

This whole session took 40mins to complete burning about 350kcals with an average heart rate of 120BPM.

Today is an example of how Mrs Niko didn’t use her back injury as an eXcuse not to train. Yes, she was limited in some of the exercises she could complete (she was not able to run today, for fear of aggravating her injury), but it did not stop her all together. All we did was exercises that she could complete, whilst still getting our heart rates up.

By no means am I advocating training injured, for the regular readers you would be aware that I recently had a week off training all together due to a fractured cheek bone. What I am suggesting is work around your injury if you can, but not at the risk of causing further injury to yourself.

Let me know how you have found ways to train smartly while injured!

  1. Great boxing circuit! I love to include about 15 minutes of boxing after my strength training to really ramp up fat burning. It’s a nice upper body version of HIIT in my opinion.

    • Dave,
      The great thing about boxing is you can do it anywhere with only a small amount of equipment. No need to spend thousand of dollars on cardio machines.

  2. Wow! Niko, Is it bad I got physically exhausted from just reading all of that? 😀 As someone on the skinnier side wanting to bulk up I don’t do much cardio but it does kinda seem like fun. 🙂

    Mrs. Niko is really smart and persistent to train around her back injury like that. Makes me feel kind of bad for wanting to skip one of my training sessions last week because I was not feeling so well. 😛

    • Chris,
      All of my cardio is done in the HIIT form, the idea behind it is that I preserve muscle and only burn fat, giving me that lean look. The best way to look like you have put on muscle is to lose fat. Mrs Niko is very persistent, her drive motivates me not to miss sessions. I figure if she can do it then I definately dont have an eXcuse not to train.

  3. Great circuits, Niko.

    Boxing works your body in a way which weights just can’t. You get a more natural and complete motion-rich workout which is great for fat loss, agility, and coordination.

    • Thanks Jonathan. Very true, boxing sessions are an awesome form of HIIT that also doubles as a great stress reliever.

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