Simple & Effective Boxing Circuits to Stay Fit & Lose Weight

A decade ago Mrs Niko and I got together. 2 Kids, 1 dog and a fair bit of travelling later we are happier now than we have ever been.

So how do we celebrate 10 years? We go out and have a massive blow out, food, drinks the works.

However before the blow out, in typical noeXcusefitness style, we decided to do some good to our body, before the bad.

What that meant in real terms is a HIIT boxing circuit in the backyard before we headed out.


Our Fat Burning Boxing Circuit Begins


Our boxing circuit today consisted of the following.

• Dynamic Stretching
• Body Weight Squats x 20
• Push-ups x 20

Round of Boxing/Step-up Complex:

• 20 x Straight Punches.
• 10 x Push-ups (BW)
• 20 x Straight Punches.
• 9 x Push-ups (BW)
• 20 x Straight Punches.
• 8 x Push-ups (BW)

(Repeat this sequence until you reach one push-up)

• Complete the whole complex without break then swap over holding the mitts.
• While the person doing the punching is doing push-ups, the person holding the mitts does step-ups.

Rounds of Combinations:
• 2 Min Combo (Cross-Cross-Body-Uppercut)
• 2 Min Combo (Cross-Cross-Hook-Hook-Uppercut-Uppercut)

• We use the timer to countdown the time, it’s far easy than having to keep checking a clock or watch.
• We obviously take it in turns.
• We just do one round of each combination, 4 minutes in total (2mins + 2mins)

Rounds of:
• 30 (Straight Punches) + 30 (Uppercuts Punches) + 30 (Cross Punches) + 10 BW Squats.

• This is one set, we would each do this for 3 sets without rest, then we would swap over holding the mits.
• We completed this circuit 3 times each (In total we completed 3 sets each 3 + 3 + 3)
• Whether you are holding the mitts or doing the punching, we both do the squats.

Round of Ab Work:

Make sure you reward yourself!

• 50 x Sit-ups
• 50 x Sit-ups with twist

Warm Down:
• Static Stretching

• We complete the circuit without breaks, you get a rest when you are holding the mitts (although it’s not sometimes much of a rest).
• Sip on water throughout the workout.
• The person holding the mitts is to call out the total punches so the person doing the effort can concentrate on the exercise.

This whole session took 39mins to complete burning about 330kcals with an average heart rate of 118BPM.

This was a great session which mentally set us up for a massive night of fun. Life is all about finding balance. If all I did was train and eat clean 24/7 I would go crazy.

My reasoning for staying fit and eating well is so that I can enjoy life, staying fit and eating well isn’t my life!

Let me know how you find a balance between heathly living and enjoying a social life!

  1. Nice post Niko! It’s great to live life from moment to moment yet still adhere to a healthy lifestyle for the most part. I wish you and your family all the best! 😀

    • Thanks Chris. You have always got to enjoy life when you get the chance. The great thing is Mrs Niko and I are on the same page when it comes to our lifestyle so it makes very easy.

  2. Wow what a fit motivated couple!
    You should start a class for the neighbours 😉

    • Thanks Ang, I hear one of my neighbours got up at 5am to go for a run today. Now that’s motivated!

  3. Boxing is a great way to burns some calories and get in great shape.

    Nice post

    Best – Mike

    • Thanks Mike, it’s no coincidence that some of the athletes with the best bodies in the world are boxers and MMA fighters. Boxing is a great form of cardio, that doesn’t cost a fortune to do.

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