Simple & Effective Boxing Circuits to Stay Fit & Lose Weight

Today the wife and I enjoyed a lazy Sunday and decided to finish it with a traditional aussie Sunday roast for dinner. There are two great things about a roast for dinner, firstly it tastes great, secondly once it’s prepared you pretty much leave it in the over for an hour and a half to cook, and you don’t need to worry about it.

In our household we saw this as an opportunity to go out into out backyard and do a boxing circuit together. All the equipment we used was a set of gloves, a set of focus mits and a countdown timer. So, at about 5:00pm the whole family headed out to the backyard, so the kids could have a run around and we could do some exercise.

Our Fat Burning Boxing Circuit Begins:

Our boxing circuit today consisted of the following.

– Dynamic Stretching
– Body Weight Squats x 20

Rounds of:
– 30 (Straightm Punches) + 30 (Uppercuts Punches) + 30 (Cross Punches) + 10 BW Squats.

– This is one set, we would each do this for 3 sets without rest, then we would swap over holding the mits.
– We completed this circuit 3 times each (In total we completed 3 sets each 3 + 3 + 3)
– Whether youo were holding the mits or doing the punching, we both do the squats.

Rounds of Combinations:

Get Yourself a Timer to Keep Track of the Rounds

– 2 Min Combo (Jab-Jab-Cross-Uppercut)
– 2 Min Combo (Cross-Cross-Uppercut-Uppercut)

– We use the timer to countdown the time, it’s far easy than having to keep checking a clock or watch.
– We obviously take it in turns.
– We just do one round of each combination, 4 minutes in total (2mins + 2mins)

Rounds of Countdowns
– Countdowns are starting with your left, jab the mitt 10 times with your left hand, then hit it once with a right cross, jab the mit 9 times with your left hand, then hit it once with a right cross, continue this sequence until you get to 1.
– Once you finish with your left hand, repeat the sequence with you right hand (right hand does the multiple jabs, with a left hand cross)

– Each round consists of a sequence with your left hand, then immediately a sequence with your right.
– Complete one round, then swap over.
– Complete two rounds in total.

Round of Ab Work:
– 50 x Crunches
– 50 Crunches with Twist

Warm Down:
– Static Stretching

– We complete the circuit without breaks, you get a rest when you are holding the mitts (although it’s not sometimes much of a rest).
– Sip on water throughout the workout.
– The person holding the mitts is to call out the total punches so the person doing the effort can concentrate on the exercise.

This whole session took 45mins burning about 400 cals.

This is an example of another inexpensive and easy to complete training session. About six months ago I picked up the gloves and focus mits as a pack about $30 (brand new). The timer we use is a kitchen timer that i bought on eBay for $3 (which included delivery and batteries). My wife and I complete a boxing circuit once a week.

For the session that we did today we only need a very small amount of room as the whole workout was static. We try and change the circuits every week to avoid boredom, or to accommodate for niggling injuries. Sometimes we include some light resistance work or some running. You might have noticed that this session involved no hook punches, as my wife’s back injury has flared up again slightly, so she didn’t want to risk aggravating it. This session doesn’t need to me completed with a training partner, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t complete it on your own, all that you would obviously need is a punching bag.

  1. great boxing workout one of the better ones i have completed.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I try and vary the circuit everytime that we do it, so keep your eye out for some different routines.

  2. Niko,

    If I’m short on time I’ll focus on resistance training during the early part of the day, and then save the evening for a cardio workout. Often times, boxing is my outlet for burning off some of the pressures of the day. It can be very effective form of catharsis.


    • Mitchell,
      I couldn’t agree more, boxing is awesome for stress relief. I like your principle of completing your resistance training early in the morning and then cardio in the evening. On occassion I will train twice in one day but I will always do resistance training first. It is important to be at your freshest and most energetic for these session in order to fully maximise your lifts. What cardio sessions do you enjoy doing?

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