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Learn How to Stay Motivated to Work Out, No Excuses!

  Lately I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Jonathan Dunsky from Jonathan’s own weight loss journey inspired him to share his knowledge that he has acquired over the years. Jonathan kindly offered to write a guest article for noeXcusefitness, which I am sure that you

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Exercise Finishers | Bodyweight Circuits that Burn Fat

After being introduced to finishers by Scuba during a recent crossfit session I made a decision that I would start incorporating finishers to the end of my weight training session. I calculated that I could smash out a finisher circuit at the end of my session in

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How Hidden Exercise Helps Me Stay Fit. Find Out How

Today marks my last day in Cairns, can’t wait to get home. Last night I worked until 11:00pm and I’m back at work at 8:00am. While I’m working I run into Scuba who invites me to play a game of touch football. He tells me that a 

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