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CrossFit | Learn how to vary workouts for Quick Weight Loss

People often ask me about what my motivation to train is, I get asked that often that I am in the process of creating an article about motivation. For today’s post, I’m focusing on the most common response that I give when asked about motivation and that

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Touch Rugby League | Hidden Exercise to Keep You Fit and Lean

Last time I spoke about hidden exercise I spoke about finding a sport or exercise that you enjoy doing, when you do you will have found your hidden exercise. Since posting last about hidden exercise people have asked me about what sports or exercise I would consider to be

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CrossFit. Learn the secrets of Successful Group Training

Today was the first chance since I had been away to train with my wife (Mrs Niko). It had been well over a week since we trained together so it was good to be back together training in ‘The Pit’. Mrs Niko and I have been training

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How Hidden Exercise Helps Me Stay Fit. Find Out How

Today marks my last day in Cairns, can’t wait to get home. Last night I worked until 11:00pm and I’m back at work at 8:00am. While I’m working I run into Scuba who invites me to play a game of touch football. He tells me that a

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Good Morning Cairns

My normal day at home involves getting up to the kids, doing the usual Dad thing, getting ready for work then commute on a train for almost an hour into work. Today was a bit different; my body clock still woke me up around 6:00am. Instead of

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CrossFit. Learn the secrets of Quick Weight Loss & Fitness

My day began at 5:00am, after being up till about 11:00pm the night before (eXcuse # 1). I had to be up to board a flight to Cairns, Queensland for a day work trip. No time for a solid breakfast, just a quick protein shake as I snuck

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