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Tough Mudder 2013 | The Year Of The Global Explosion

Lately I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Troy Pesola who is a fitness fanatic that lives and works in Colorado. He’s the founder of Cube Dweller Fitness where he writes about fitness tips to help us cubicle dwellers get and stay in shape so we can

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Weight Training | Training to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

Today I had a day off from work and was feeling extrememly motivated to train. Motivated enough to want to train twice today. So how do I incorporate 2 training sessions into a day, so that 1 session does not impact on the other? I seperate them

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Interval Running | My Free Secret Method For Burning Fat

Due to ongoing work commitments, I have found myself having to travel away from home for periods of time. A lot of people would use this as an eXcuse not to train; see if any of these eXcuses sound familiar: ‘I don’t want to have to pay

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