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CrossFit | Learn how to vary workouts for Quick Weight Loss

Today provided me with the opportunity to train twice in one day. This is not a regular occurrence, but when I get the opportunity I jump at the chance. The opportunity came about due to the fact that because of shift work, I found myself with a

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Boxing Circuits | Simple Programs to Stay Fit & Lose Weight

Last night Mrs Niko and I went to a friend’s wedding and had a few too many drinks. Whilst not the most healthy thing to do, I still like to enjoy a few drinks with friends when I get a chance. As I always say it is

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Simple & Effective Boxing Circuits to Stay Fit & Lose Weight

Today for the second day in a row Mrs Niko and I had a chance to train. After doing a weight training session the night before, a cardio session was on the cards. We decided earlier in the day to do a boxing session. So at about

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