Touch Rugby League | Hidden Exercise to Help You Lose Fat

Today bought another game of of Touch Rugby League, which is my favourite form of Hidden Exercise. Getting to play 2 weeks in a row is a bit of a change considering last weeks game was my first in about 6 weeks. Time to get stuck in!


My Hidden Exercise Session to Stay Fit & Lean


Tonight my team ‘No Gary No’ played the ‘Ninjas’, this team is running last in our competition, but they sure didn’t play like it. It was a good game with the scores at half time being 0 – 0. We ended up running away with it in the second half, running out eventual winners with a score of 5 – 2.

As I normally do, during tonight’s game I concentrated on pushing myself as hard as I could for short 2-3 minute intervals before substituting off for about the same period. With each half lasting 20mins. Pushing myself like this ensures that the game becomes a form of HIIT, which is great for burning fat.

As usual I wore my heart rate monitor. I ended up for the 40min session having an average heart rate of 156BPM burning 590kcals. Not bad for a hidden exercise session!

During this game I managed to roll my ankle, spraining it in the process. It didn’t cause me too much pain during the game, but as my body cool down after the game, it started to swell and stiffen up.

Being the age I am, and knowing that I want to keep training as often as I can, as soon as I got home I applied the RICE principle.

The RICE principle is an acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. In real terms what this meant for me is I wrapped an ice pack on the affected area for 20mins, with my foot elevated. After 20mins I removed the ice but still kept my foot elevated. After another 60mins I reapplied ice to the affected area.

Applying Ice to the affected area

I will continue to apply ice about 3-5 times over the next 24 hours in an effort to stop the inflammation, reducing the length and the severity of the injury.

Just prior to bed I applied an anti-inflammatory cream to the affected area. I will continue to apply the anti-inflammatory cream a few times a day over the next few days.

It might seem like a lot of effort, but if I can reduce the impact of an injury I will certainly try. The RICE method is the best soft tissue injury management plan that I know of and have used many times over the years.

Fingers crossed I wake up in the morning to find my ankle is not too bad.

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