Touch Rugby League | Hidden Exercise to Keep You Fit and Lean

It has been about 6 weeks since I last played a game of Touch Rugby League, which is my favourite form of Hidden Exercise. This has been due to weather, the fact that I have been away for work and my recent facial injury. All of these are reasons why I could not play, not eXcuses.

If you find that reasons are impacting on your ability to train or participate in a particular activity, then you need to have backup plans. As an example you would have noticed that I have been completing a lot more indoor crossfit sessions. This has been as a substitute for the lack of Touch Rugby League that I have been playing lately.

After 6 weeks away I was curious to see if my fitness level had dropped at all. Not my general fitness, but my sport specific fitness. You know the fitness that is hard to simulate, unless you are completing that specific activity.


My Hidden Exercise Session to Stay Fit & Lean

For those not aware, this is what a Rugby League Ball looks like!

Tonight my team ‘No Gary No’ played the ‘Cubs’, they weren’t a bad team, and have improved since we last played them but we ended up winning 5 – 1.

During tonight’s game I concentrated on pushing myself as hard as I could for short 2-3 minute intervals before substituting off for about the same period. With each half lasting 20mins, it made for a good HIIT session, and it didn’t even feel like exercise.

As usual I wore my heart rate monitor. I ended up for the 40min session having an average heart rate of 159BPM burning 595 kcals. Not bad for a hidden exercise session!

Comparing these results with my previous results playing Touch Rugby League, it seemed that I hadn’t lost any of my match fitness, which is a great thing.

If you do find yourself in a situation were an activity that you normally participate in is cancelled, for whatever reason, make sure that you perform an alternate activity during the same allotted time. I know myself that I never make plans for the night that I play Touch Rugby League, so when I find out it is cancelled, my night is still free. We are all time poor and busy, so why not use the free allotted time to do an alternate session?

  1. I love it when a person can be flexible and freestyle when things don’t quite go to plan. It’s also great that you use sports to build and maintain fitness as this also has a social aspect to it also. Working out officially can get lame, and I do love playing “soccer” as you guys call it to keep fit.

    • Michael,
      I couldn’t agree more, we all have time restraints so you need to have flexibility in your plan. I find that when I play team sports that I enjoy, I don’t even feel like I am training, that’s why I call it hidden exercise. It’s great to see that you have found you hidden exercise in football (or soccer as I call it). What country are you from?

  2. I so agree Michael. It’s really nice to switch things up with sports for the social aspect of it. I occasionally visit Latin Clubs where I can dance salsa. It’s a great full body workout that gets my heart beat racing and I get to meet some nice hotties. 😀

    • Chris,
      Great to hear you have found a form of hidden exercise that works for you and that you get to meet “some nice hotties” while you are doing it.

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