Touch Rugby League | Hidden Exercise to Keep You Fit and Lean

Last time I spoke about hidden exercise I spoke about finding a sport or exercise that you enjoy doing, when you do you will have found your hidden exercise. Since posting last about hidden exercise people have asked me about what sports or exercise I would consider to be hidden exercise that will help them stay fit, burn fat and stay lean. Well there isn’t really a definative response to the question, however there are a few guidelines that can be followed to ensure that the sport or exercise that you choose will help you with your fitness goals.

Guidelines for Selecting Hidden Exercise:

  1. Is something that you enjoy? If you don’t enjoy it, it then it will feel like hard work, therefore it won’t be a hidden form of exercise.
  2. Does it increase your heart rate? You don’t have to be exercising near your maximum heart rate for your hidden exercise to be effective, but you do need to be operating I think at a minimum of 60% of your maximun heart rate.
  3. Can you choose the level of intensity? I am a big fan of HIIT  so I try and incorporate it into my hidden exercise. Being able to choose the level of intensity that you perform your hidden exercise, allows you to manipulate you session to suit your needs.

If you follow these guidelines then you to can find a form of hidden exercise that suits your training needs. For me it’s Touch Rugby League. For Mrs Niko it’s playing netball, for other mates of mine it’s playing Rugby League and for a few others it’s playing Basketball. The options are pretty much endless, just make sure your enjoying it and you’re working hard.

My Hidden Exercise Session to Stay Fit & Lean

Tonight, for me, was another night of Touch Rugby League. This week my team ‘No Gary No’ played the ‘Cubs’, they weren’t a bad team but we ended up winning 10 – 2. From what we had been told the ‘Cubs’were a pretty handy touch team and should improve as the season goes on.

During tonights game I concentrated on pushing myself as hard as I could for short 2-3 minute intervals before substituting off for about the same period. With each half lasting 20mins, it made for a good HIIT session, and it didn’t even feel like exercise.

As usual I wore my heart rate monitor. I ended up for the 40min session having an average heart rate of 158BPM burning 590 kcals. Not bad for a hidden exercise session!


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