Weight Training | My Solution to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

I don’t have the luxury of a commercial gym membership, which allows me to train at various locations around Australia and possibly the world. So instead I alternate between my home gym which I have named ‘The Pit’, friends home gyms and a gym at my place

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Good Morning Cairns

My normal day at home involves getting up to the kids, doing the usual Dad thing, getting ready for work then commute on a train for almost an hour into work. Today was a bit different; my body clock still woke me up around 6:00am. Instead of

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CrossFit. Learn the secrets of Quick Weight Loss & Fitness

My day began at 5:00am, after being up till about 11:00pm the night before (eXcuse # 1). I had to be up to board a flight to Cairns, Queensland for a day work trip. No time for a solid breakfast, just a quick protein shake as I snuck

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