Visual Impact Cardio. An Interview with Rusty Moore!


Being the author of a popular health and fitness blog I get asked quite often to review various fitness programs. Most of the time they are way too time consuming, boring or down right wrong. Occasionally I come across a fitness program like Visual Impact Cardio <— Link to Website that strikes a cord with me.

Recently I was given the opportunity to review a new program called Visual Impact Cardio. When I initially received the program, I was pleased to see the creator was a person with similar beliefs to mine in relation to health and fitness.

The creator, Rusty Moore is a fitness and nutrition expert, who runs a high traffic blog called Fitness Black Book (link) that focuses on achieving the lean, Hollywood look.  His Visual Impact Muscle Building for men and Visual Impact for Women are my two recommended training programs for men and women.

I was so impressed with the Visual Impact Cardio program that I decided to interview Rusty to try and get a bit of an insight into how Visual Impact Cardio can help people like you and I get in AND stay in shape.

Niko: Rusty, welcome to No Excuse Fitness, for those that have not visited your site Fitness Black Book, or have not heard of you, can you give us a quick run-down on who you are and how you got involved in the fitness industry?

Rusty:I’ve been training non-stop in a gym environment since the late 80’s. Like a lot of young guys, I wanted to add muscle look ripped, etc.

After 13 years of lifting I had a lot of muscle, but didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t fit well into a suit or dress clothes. I had a tough time fitting into jeans.

After watching Fight Club in 1999, I decided I liked the idea of been lean and angular like Brad Pitt. Having excess muscle began to feel a little “cheesy”. Cool and hip guys like James Bond are lean and ripped, but can still fit well into a tailored suit, flat front pants, etc. Big guys look a little goofy in nice clothes. Can you imagine if Daniel Craig put on 40 pounds of muscle for the next James Bond? He would look like a tool.

I spent the following 3-4 years losing muscle on purpose. I wanted to stay strong, but reduce the volume of my muscles. There was pretty much ZERO information on how to accomplish this. After I completed my transformation and dropped close to 30 pounds of muscle, I learned how to lift for increasing muscle density without getting overly muscular.

In 2007, I decided to document how this is accomplished on my blog, Fitness Black Book. I was criticized by the body building forums, because they couldn’t wrap their head around the idea of not getting as big as possible.

…but a lot of people felt the same as me…my blog took off and within 2 years was getting serious amounts of visitors each day. Fast forward a couple of years and I’ve developed detail premium programs that take the info in my blog to the next level.

Niko: You have just released a new program called Visual Impact Cardio, tell us what inspired you to develop this product? My reason for asking is your other programs Visual Impact Muscle Building for men  & Visual Impact for Women, already contain good advice in relation to cardio.

Rusty: One of the reasons I decided to create the cardio program was that some people already have resistance training routines they love…they just have a tough time getting lean. Although my men’s and women’s programs have excellent cardio programs that work well…I wanted to create a course for people who want to dig deep into cardio and fat loss.

This course has specific routines, but I wanted to empower people with enough knowledge to create their own cardio programs.

Visual Impact Cardio

Niko: Did you have a specific target audience in mind when you were developing Visual Impact Cardio?

Rusty: The target audience for Visual Impact Cardio is forward thinking people. Those who want results even if they are bucking the current trends. Most of the customers of my products like to be on the cutting edge of fitness…and not wait until Dr Oz talks about a method 10 years after we have been successfully using it.

People who will appreciate Visual Impact Cardio the most, are those who are at a fat loss sticking point and are having trouble losing those last 10-15 pounds.

Niko: In Visual Impact Cardio you talk about “Mastering the Skill of Losing Body Fat.” Is there really a skill to losing body fat? Surely if people just train their asses off, they will see results, won’t they?

Rusty: If it was just about training hard, there would be a lot more fit people in gyms around the globe. The goal with the program is to help people fully master the skill of losing body fat.

I like to compare it to a “master chef” vs a “recipe follower”. When it comes to cooking, I’m a recipe follower. I can make great dishes if there is a recipe to follow.

A master chef is different. You can give the chef 10 ingredients and he can create an amazing dish with his understanding of cooking. He doesn’t need a recipe. He has mastered the skill of cooking.

Losing fat is similar. I have fat loss recipes to follow, but I’m more interested in teaching people the core skills to lose fat for life.

Niko: Within Visual Impact Cardio you do talk about diet, without detailing a specific nutritional plan. I personally have been following my recommended nutrition plan in conjunction with the program to great affect. Do you have any advice for the readers about your preferred nutrition plan when completing Visual Impact Cardio?

Rusty: I do like the idea of staying in a glycogen depleted state Mon-Fri. This is when you will also do the right type of strategic cardio. Then on the weekend, loosening up a bit and allowing more calories. It just makes the diet easier to follow and keeps the hormone levels from plummeting, etc.

Lactate Threshold Cardio can speed up the process to get into a depleted state and puts you in a fat burning mode for a longer period of time than is typical for this type of diet. In fact, knowing when to push the lactate levels in cardio in relation to how “carbed-up” you are…is what will help you get lean without hitting sticking points.

Niko: While completing Visual Impact Cardio  I have also been incorporating you free Abs Blueprint workout, which just took 1st place in “The 50 Best Free Health & Fitness Courses on the Web”… will Visual Impact Cardio help you get abs, or do abs require a combination of cardio and good nutrition?

Visual Impact CardioRusty: Nutrition plays an extremely important role in seeing your abs. Cardio and nutrition will help you get lean to reveal the abs you have. Abs Blueprint has what I believe to be the best exercises to develop that abs to look dense and defined. It is free, so people should pick it up and give it a read.

Niko: When you were researching for and testing Visual Impact Cardio, did you come across any information that surprised you?

Rusty: Yes! In fact, this one piece of info I came across is a game changer in my opinion. There is a recent paper that examined dozens of studies that measured EPOC (how many calories are burned after an intense exercise session). What they found is that calories burned after exercise are MUCH less than many people in the fitness community have suggested.

Depending upon intensity levels, you will only burn up to 15% of the total calories burned during the actual intense exercise session. So a super intense TABATA interval session that burns 300 calories, will have a total EPOC of 45 calories. Some people do these super intense intervals 3 times per week…expecting the “afterburn effect” to get them lean.

The calories burned after training are so insignificant, that I wouldn’t even bother to consider that as part of your fat loss program. Instead, focus on the amount of calories burned during exercise if you want to get lean.

What is the fastest rate you can burn calories over a prolonged period of time? Right under Lactate Threshold level. My entire cardio course is based on pushing the limits of lactate threshold and increasing lactate threshold, without over training.

Niko: You put a lot of time and effort into Visual Impact Cardio. Give us your thoughts on the completed product?

Rusty: It is one of those things that will eventually become mainstream in about 5 years. I am pumped at how it turned out. I think it will be an eye opener for anyone who buys it.

Niko: Rusty, thanks a lot for your time. Is there any last thoughts that you would like to share with my readers?

Rusty: The trend these days is to recommend shorter and shorter workouts. Since society is more computer focused and less active than ever, I think that is bad advice. We need more exercise, not less.

Even if you don’t pick up my cardio program, I would recommend to spend a bit more time each week doing cardio. There is a time element to fat loss. If you are stuck, see if you can fit in 60-90 minutes more cardio each week.

Niko: Sound advice, thanks so much for the interview Rusty.

Rusty: My pleasure Niko. Thanks for the interview.

There you have it folks, a great interview from a person that not only talks the talk but also walks the walk.

In my opinion Visual Impact Cardio is a complete and comprehensive program that when combined with my recommended nutrition program will not only help you lose body fat, but is guaranteed to take you fitness to a whole new level.

If you would like to hear some more from Rusty and the Visual Impact Cardio program <— Click Here.

Competition Winner!

I am pleased to announce the winner of the  “How could this program help change your life?” competition is Paul Toohey. Paul’s answer struck a cord with me, as the situation he finds himself in is similar to where I found myself about 5 years ago. Congratulations Paul, I hope Visual Impact Cardio provides you with the knowledge and inspiration to change your life before your 40th birthday.

For all of the other entrants thanks for taking the time to enter, the decisions to pick a winner was extremely difficult due to the quality of all of your answers, all of which were worthy of winning. Whilst you didn’t win the program I strongly encourage you to grab a copy of to help you on your weight loss journey, simply follow this link to grab yourself a copy of Visual Impact Cardio.

  1. Like yourself I too led an active lifestyle with sport and leisure through high school, university and my working years. After fracturing my scapula during a game of Rugby League in 2004, the recovery from this injury took a lot more time than when I had previously been injured. I never really got back into any regular activity as I had been training and playing team sport regularly after leaving school. I had been surfing once a week but found that after the shoulder injury I could no longer paddle for even long enough to get out through the break. At the time I fractured my shoulder I had one son with another on the way. Now with two young boys diet and exercise were the two things in my life that were not prioritised. With a shift working timetable coupled with the fact that I worked out of a vehicle and worked extended hours to the ones rostered I found that I was too often indulging in the wrong food. As I was not exercising regularly I gained weight in the wrong places. I have taken time during the years to work on those 12 week programs that you really have to put your life on hold to stick to and get results. So my weight and fitness has fluctuated over the past 8 years and I have found myself back up over 100kg. What has changed in me, well I was a member of the support crew for some mates that did the recent Kokoda Challenge on the Gold Coast and I guess seeing them training and then complete the 96km in around 20 hours through wet muddy conditions has made me think that I too could set myself some realistic goals to gain some fitness and shed some weight. I have just started back on training with trying to do more cardio which is something that I have never really spent time doing. I have always done weights and done some form of sprint training. So for me this program could help change my life by giving me some knowledge, tools and advice to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle before I turn 40 next year.

    • Paul,
      Some great reasons how this program could change your life. Good luck.

  2. I am looking for a program with a set struture that I know will work. Everything else you recommend is on the money so I want this so bad. This program will change my life so that I can get fit and set a good example for my 2 young daughters.

    • @Bessy, Getting fit so that you can set a good example for your daughters is a great reason. Good luck with the competition.


  3. As a child, I was always on the fatter side. I never really let it get to me because I just kept telling myself I would eventually lose it. I’d find motivation as I got older or I’d start a diet on Monday. It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I looked in the mirror and saw me for who I really am. I stood at a height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighed in at 192 pounds with little to no muscle. I was disgusted at what I had let myself become and I was determined to lose it all. I started running. A mile a day was my starting point and I eventually worked up to 5 or 6 miles for 5 times a week. I got into the weight game when I saw myself in the mirror 6 months later. Now I had become skin and bones. I decided I needed to gain weight back–but not in the form of fat. I started lifting weights and didn’t know what to do so I googled how Brad Pitt got in shape for his role in Fight Club and came across Rusty Moore’s site Fitness Black Book. I started doing some of his workouts and when he released his Visual Impact for Men book, I decided to invest in it. I managed to build up a nice amount of muscle after a year or so on it. However, I have never been able to drop my last bit of fat. I am determined to drop my last bit of fat to show obesity that I have won. This contest could change my life because I enjoy helping others. My friends–all of whom are overweight– were very impressed by my weight loss. I hope with this program, I can lead by example to show them obesity is not unbeatable. I hope to show my family and friends it’s never too late to be healthy and sport a killer physique.

    • @Henry, Being an inspiration to your friends by overcoming obesity is an awesome way that this program could change your life. This program sounds like exactly what you need to strip that last bit of body fat away. Good luck in the competition.


  4. I have actually been looking into buying this book for sometime now. This book would finally give me a proven knowledgeable tool to help me strip fat away. My family are all extremely large people, and I don’t mean to play the genetics card or anything, but a lot of bad habits we’re learned growing up. both my parents are over 300lbs and so is my 26 year old sister. I love them to death, but my biggest fear is to be like them. Being bigger or “husky” or whatever terms my friends want to use to make me feel better is a crushing feeling for me. I am extremely active, I am currently in the US Air Force, through basic training and my tech school I shed a lot of weight and got in the best shape I have ever been in. Unfortunately, as soon as I got out out tech school and went to my first base, I fell into my old habits. it was to easy
    to get that fast food or eat the processed frozen foods or drink all the energy drinks while sitting on post at night. I was running A LOT but obviously if you don’t have a diet to back that up its pointless. Then last year I felt like I was finally getting everything in order, my diet and running, but injured my Achilles tendon. The base doctor said it was over training. My problem is I am not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to cardio and weight training. I figured if I just ran a lot, the weight would fall off. This book would finally show me how I can train in a healthy effective manner. I want to finally be able to cut down and have the best most healthy lifestyle I can possibly have so I could be a catalyst for my family and show them it can be done so that we can all find a point to be happy and satisfied with ourselves.

    • @Matthew, awesome reasons mate. The great thing about this program is you will be able to train around your Achilles injury. Good luck in the competition.


  5. Excellent interview, Niko. really appreciate your choice of questions. -Yavor

  6. “How could this program help change your life?”

    This program could help be around to see my children (7,5,4) grow up, to finally get back in physical shape and lose weight, body fat and regain muscle. It could also help me be more active and engaged with them on a physical level.

    • @Will, your kids are a great reason to get back and stay in shape. Good luck in the competition.


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