Visual Impact for Women – Training for a Slim Feminine Body

Visual Impact for Women - Training for a Slim Feminine Body

Ladies, if you are looking for a complete weight training and cardio program that saves you an incredible amount of time, this program is for you. Visual Impact for Women is absolutely perfect for any busy woman looking to achieve a lean and toned physique in a limited amount of time.

Since the birth of her second child my friend Michelle struggled to get back her pre-pregnancy body, the struggle wasn’t through lack of effort, Michelle is one of the most determined persons that I know. She tried various approaches such as walking, jogging, body pump and weight training circuits all with limited success.

Frustrated at her lack of progress, about 12 weeks ago, she approached me about changing her training to be more like my and Mrs Niko’s training, in that she wanted to try some specific weight training and high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Prior to this conversation Michelle hadn’t ever completed a specific weights training program, so she was a little nervous. When I spoke to her about why she had never tried weights training before she told me it was because of a fear that she would look bulky and appear masculine. Her goal was to lose her pregnancy weight to look  slim and toned, not build big muscles.

Without hesitation I recommended she get herself a copy of Visual Impact for Women. My recommendation comes on the back of the fantastic results that Mrs Niko achieved on the program, who after 2 children is fitter, healthier and has a better body now than when I met her 11 years ago.

In just 8 weeks Mrs Niko, through using Visual Impact for Women and my recommended nutrition program dropped 2 dress sizes and lost 10 pounds (5kgs)

My recommendation is further bolstered by the fact that I use and get great results with the men’s version of this program called Visual Impact Muscle Building.

What is Visual Impact for Women by Rusty Moore?

Visual Impact for Women is a complete workout program to help women get the slim, fit, and feminine physique. The program is not about getting bigger muscles, it’s about getting toned.

Who is Rusty Moore?

Rusty Moore is the creator of Visual Impact for Women and my current training programs Visual Impact Muscle Building for men and Visual Impact Cardio. Rusty runs a fitness website called Fitness Black Book, a site (like his programs), that are dedicated to creating the lean “Hollywood Look”.

Why I like Visual Impact for Women

To start with the results that Mrs Niko has achieved on this program have been phenomenal, all without living in the gym or passing out during training sessions. Visual Impact for Women includes an outline of how to use strength training and cardio to easily burn fat and get toned muscles.

Additionally it tackles a lot of fitness myths so that you get a clear picture of how to get a great body.

Finally, there are tips on short term strategies to look your best as well as detailed routines for all types of people, whether you like to exercise at home or at the gym.

The best part about this program is the minimal amount of time it takes to complete the workouts each week. This program is definitely for the “busy” person who still wants to lose an incredible amount of fat and create a lean and toned body.

What I don’t like about Visual Impact for Women

To be honest the whole program is very well done. The only consideration is, if you are looking to achieve a big bulky muscle look or are wanting to look like a bodybuilder, then this program is not for you.

Visual Impact for Women

If you want to look like this, then this program is not for you!

Who is Visual Impact for Women for?

This program is for women that have be scared to lift weights before, due to a fear of becoming big and bulky. By using this program women, like Mrs Niko, will achieve a slim and feminine look.

So how is Michelle going? Well after 12 weeks of using Visual Impact for Women combined with my recommended nutrition plan, this is what she had to say: “I was amazed at how quickly my body changed after just the first 4 weeks on the program. My arms and legs quickly gained back their tone, and my abs were well on their way to getting back to my pre-baby shape.”

I highly recommend Visual Impact for Women.  If you’re ready to get a lean, toned body like Mrs Niko and Michelle, then give it a shot! Just remember nutrition plays a huge role in transforming your body. Mrs Niko and Michelle achieved their fantastic results by using Visual Impact for Women combined with my recommended nutrition plan <— Click Here for my full review.

For me Visual Impact for Women is a no brainer, it absolutely works and is back by a 60 day money back guarantee. And this is a real guarantee… if you are not completely satisfied, you will receive your money back, no “ifs,” “ands,” or “buts.” So you really have nothing to lose. Click Here for more information <— Link to Website.

If you have any questions about Visual Impact for Women drop a comment below.

  1. Visual Impact for Women sounds like a great exercise program. I like the idea of creating a slim, feminine body, which is something I struggle with when I exercise. I’m naturally curvy and tend to have bulkier muscles when I exercise on a regular basis. I can’t wait to ask for this new program for Christmas so I can start working toward the physique I’ve always wanted. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • No worries Ruth. This sounds the the ideal program for you. Keep us posted with your results.


  2. This sounds like a great program, but how long are the workouts? I worry that I will easily get burned out with the long cardio.

    • Madison,

      It varies depending on what cycle of the program you are doing. During the beginner cycle workouts are only 30-45mins, during the advanced cycle the workouts vary between 30-60mins. If I was to put an average time on the workouts I would say about 45mins. Trust me this program works, I didn’t get burnt out doing it and I got some amazing results. If you have any other questions please let me know.


  3. Hi how much does this program cost?

    • Only $47 Angela, it also comes with a money back guarantee. Well worth the investment in your health 🙂

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