Ways To Help Muscle Recovery

Ways To Help Muscle Recovery


It’s extremely important for the body to recover when exercising so it can fix and strengthen itself. When a person performs a new exercise, his muscles may become fatigued and suffer micro-trauma or tiny tears to the muscle fibers. Recovery is essential when micro-trauma occurs, because the body needs to repair any broken fibers.

Over-training without ample recovery is detrimental to any bodybuilder’s physique, as it hampers the body’s muscles from recovering and gaining additional muscle mass. Here are several recommended ways to improve short-term recovery

The first way to increase recovery time is to divide the workout routine. To avoid taking a day off after doing weight training, it helps to work different areas of the body every day. A person can train on a daily basis if he’s not working the same muscle areas in two consecutive days. Anyone who engages in compound exercises should train different muscle groups the next day and take one or more rest day every week.

It’s also essential to warm up for at least 5 minutes before any exercise routine to increase the body’s temperature and improve blood circulation to the muscles. Moreover, warming up helps mobilize joints and reduces risk of injury. After working out, fitness enthusiasts should cool down and do simple stretching. These processes help the body get rid of waste products created while working out. People are advised to stretch out muscles used in the workout for around 30 seconds post workout.

Experts recommend around 8 hours of sleep to recover properly and maintain excellent performance. A well-rested body will likely perform and recover better during workouts. Moreover, it’s best to enjoy a relaxing bath once in a while. Pour a cup of Epsom salt or Dead Sea Salt to bathwater, and immerse in the warm water for up to 30 minutes. A hot bath boosts circulation, whereas sea salt helps eliminate toxins and also alleviates muscle soreness.

A nice massage will help the body heal faster. Many athletes like to have massages after practice not only to relax themselves but to recuperate faster as well. People who don’t have time to go the spa for a massage can do the massage on their own with the use of a foam roller. A person simply has to apply his own weight to put pressure to tender body areas. He should roll the foam roller up to 1 minute to stretch out the muscle and alleviate pain.

Lastly, around 20 minutes after a workout, consume protein and carbs to promote muscle protein synthesis and improve glycogen storage. Exercising tends to use up the glycogen stores of the muscles. By eating foods rich in protein and carbs, a person will recovery more quickly after workout. Some of the best foods to eat are whey protein shake and a banana. However, eating these foods is not necessary if a person has a rest day or has plenty of time to recover before the next workout.

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