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I am still on the first week of my new 12 week program. Today’s training split is Legs, Shoulders and abs. For the first few years of training, I like many others neglected my legs. If I was to miss a session, I undoubtedly would miss my leg training sessions. Why? I think it was for a few reasons:

Firstly it was hard work, training legs correctly involves the largest muscles in your body and when training with a high enough intensity it becomes exhausting.

Secondly, I couldn’t see the results of leg training as quickly as I could see the results of training upper body.

Thirdly, not too many people including yourself see your legs on a day to day basis. When we look in a mirror we usually only see our upper body, at work most people wear long pants, at the beach most people wear knee length boardies so you want to work on the muscles that get noticed your ‘UPPER BODY’. A heard a fantastic quote a few years back for a guy that never trained legs. When asked why he simply replied: ‘You can’t wear shorts in a nightclub!’

So what changed? I got educated and realised that not training legs was holding back the progress of my whole body, that and I started to look like one of those idiots whose upper body is way out of proportion with their lower body. You might come across a few of these guys at the gym, keep an eye out for them, they will usually be the ones wearing tracksuit pants and a singlet in the middle of summer, I always have a laugh to myself when I see these guys at the gym.

It was through this education that I discovered that with proper leg training comes a massive growth hormone dump. This hormone dump is not isolated to the area being trained it flows through your entire body. You don’t need to be overly bright to realised the benefits of your body releasing growth hormone throughout your body (increased strength, quicker recovery, muscle growth).

As I have outlined on previous posts, I have set myself several strength goals, which I am aiming to achieve by the end of the 12 week program. I am placing these goals in brackets after the exercise that I am performing.

My Growth Hormone Releasing Leg Workout


Pre-Workout Nutrition:
• About an hour before training I downed a Pre-workout shake.

• 5 minutes of skipping
• Dynamic Stretching
• Body Weight Squats x 20
• Single Leg Body Weight Calf Raises x 20 (on each leg)
• Leg Extensions: 2 sets x 10 reps (20kg)


Squats (Goal Weight: 140kg)

I cannot emphasise enough how important squats are for leg development!

– Set 1: 10 reps x 50kg
– Set 2: 6 reps x 80kg
– Set 3: 6 reps x 110kg
– Set 4: 6 reps x 110kg

Standing Dumbbell Calf Raises (Goal Weight: 50kg Dumbbell)
– Set 1: 8 reps x 10kg
– Set 2: 8 reps x 20kg
– Set 3: 6 reps x 40kg
– Set 4: 6 reps x 40kg

Standing Barbell Military Press (Goal Weight: 55kg)
– Set 1: 10 reps x 20kg
– Set 2: 8 reps x 30kg
– Set 3: 6 reps x 40kg
– Set 4: 6 reps x 45kg

Front Dumbbell Raises (Goal Weight: 15kg Dumbbell)
– Set 1: 8 reps x 7.5kg
– Set 2: 6 reps x 10kg
– Set 3: 6 reps x 10kg

Weight Cable Crunches (Goal Weight: 50kg)
– Set 1: 10 reps x 30kg
– Set 2: 15 reps x 40kg
– Set 3: 15 reps x 40kg

Finishers – My High Intensity Fat Burning Circuit


I am still incorporating finishers at the end of my weight training session. Today I alternated between Jump Squats and Explosive Push-ups. I started by doing 10 of each back to back, then 9 of each back to back and so on until I reach zero. The whole circuit is done without rest and took me only about 4mins to complete.

Warm Down:
• Static Stretching

The whole session including warm-up, the workout, finishers and warm down took me 47mins to complete burning about 510 kcals.

Post-Workout Nutrition:
• Straight after the session I downed a Post-workout shake.

• All reps and sets are done with good form (no cheating or swinging the weight)
• Rest for exactly a minute between all sets except for the last 2 working sets where you rest for 2mins.
• During the workout sip on water.

If you feel that your strength progress has stalled, do an assessment of your leg workouts. Even when I wasn’t training my legs well, I still thought that I was travelling ok. The light bulb moment for me was when I was training with a mate, and he pointed out that I could bench press significantly more than I could squat. Common sense dictates that you should be able to squat more than you bench. It took a while but I now can comfortably squat more than I can bench, and I can see the results throughout my whole body.

Further don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you are blasting your legs doing leg extensions and leg curls, YOUR NOT. Squats is the king of all leg exercises, if not all exercises. If you are not incorporating squats into your leg training (injuries permitting), then you are not properly training you legs. I will be doing an article about the benifits of squats shortly.


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