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Today I work a day shift and came home and did the normal dad thing. During the night, after the kids had gone to bed, Mrs Niko headed off to play her weekly game of netball. Like any normal person I was feeling a bit tired and just felt like crashing out on the lounge and watching a bit of tv. However I decided not to use the eXcuse of being tired, so at 8:30pm I dragged my arse into ‘The Pit’, for those not familiar with ‘The Pit’, it the name of my home gym, which is set up in my garage.

My Simple and Effective Home Gym Workout:

I’m still working on the program that alternates between a day of heavier weights with low reps and a day of moderate weights with higher reps. The reps are all worked out on a percentage of my 1RM:

Pre-Workout Nutrition:
• About an hour before training I downed a Pre-workout shake.
• About half an hour before I had a sample of NOS Shotgun which Trev had given me to try.

• 5 minutes of skipping
• Dynamic Stretching
• Body Weight Squats x 20
• Single Leg Body Weight Calf Raises x 20 (on each leg)

• Squats: 10 sets of 5 reps at 80% of 1RM (110kg)
• Standing Dumbbell Calf Raises: 10 sets of 10 reps at 70% of 1RM (40kg)
• Sit-ups: 10 sets of 10 reps (5kg)

Warm Down:
• Static Stretching

This workout took me only 46 minutes to complete burning about 400 kcal.

• All reps and sets are done with good form (no cheating of swinging the weight).
• Alternate between Squats, Calf Raises and Sit-ups.
• Rest for exactly a minute between all exercises and sets.
• During the workout sip on water.

Post-Workout Nutrition:
• After my workout I downed a Post-workout shake.

I use various things as motivation to train. What motivates me depends on a lot of factors. The motivation for today’s training came from the fact that when I looked ahead at my schedule I knew that I would not be able to train tomorrow or Saturday due to family and work committments. Knowing that if I didn’t train tonight, I would have been only able to train on Friday and Sunday, which meant that I would only be doing 2 training sessions in 5 days.

I get that sometimes that is the reality of a busy life, but if my only reason for not training was that I was a bit tired I would have been pretty filthy with myself, considering I only took 45 mins out of my day to train. Don’t get me wrong I’m not advocating training when you are ridiculouly exhausted, that would be counterproductive. I’m talking about being tired after a full days work and then looking after the kids until they go to sleep. If i didn’t train everytime I felt tired like this, I reckon I would probably never train. I suppose that’s what noeXcusefitness is all about.

  1. What type of fitness equipment do you have at home to complete the workouts?

    • Nuts, In regards to weight training I have about 180kg of free weights, 2 straight bars and 3 sets of adjustable dumbbells. I also have a weight bench that is incline adjustable, has a cable pulldown attachmemt and a leg curl/extension component. I also have a squat rack that has handles to do dips on it. I am in the process of completing an article on how to set up a basic home gym, so keep an eye out.

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