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After yesterdays crap experience at the gym I started asking around at work if anyone knew of a good, relatively cheap gym. One of the blokes I work with suggested a place called the ‘Muscle Hut’, which is based in Kawana, about a 10 minute drive away from where I am staying. My mate explained to me that the ‘Muscle Hut’was a heap of free weights, machines and some cardio equipment all thrown together in an industrial building. No mirrors, no group fitness classes, no contracts and no massive fees.

When I arrived at the ‘Muscle Hut’ I saw a few truck tyres and kettle bells littering a half opened roller door. As it turns out this was the main entrance to the gym, so in I went. When I got in the gym I was stoked to see exactly what I was looking for, no socialising, lots of heavy lifting and plenty of people, both male and female getting stuck into their training. There was plenty of room to use free weights, a stack of free weights littering the gym and the biggest range of dumbbells I have ever seen, ranging all the way up to 60kg.

After having a bit of a look around I got stuck into training Legs and Shoulders. As I have outlined on previous posts, I have set myself several strength goals, which I am aiming to achieve by the end of the 12 week program. I am placing these goals in brackets after the exercise that I am performing.


My Growth Hormone Releasing Leg Workout


Pre-Workout Nutrition:
• About an hour before training I downed a Pre-workout shake.

• 5 minutes of skipping
• Dynamic Stretching
• Body Weight Squats x 20
• Single Leg Body Weight Calf Raises x 20 (on each leg)
• Leg Extensions: 2 sets x 10 reps (20kg)


Squats (Goal Weight: 140kg)
– Set 1: 10 reps x 60kg
– Set 2: 6 reps x 80kg
– Set 3: 6 reps x 120kg
– Set 4: 6 reps x 125kg

Stiff-Leg Deadlifts (Goal Weight: 120kg)

My favourite hamstring exercise.

– Set 1: 10 reps x 60kg
– Set 2: 6 reps x 80kg
– Set 3: 6 reps x 105kg
– Set 4: 6 reps x 105kg

Standing Calf Raises (Goal Weight: 18 Pin)
– Set 1: 8 reps x 8 pin
– Set 2: 8 reps x 11 pin
– Set 3: 6 reps x 14 pin
– Set 4: 6 reps x 14 pin

Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press (Goal Weight: 28kg Dumbbell)
– Set 1: 10 reps x 10kg
– Set 2: 8 reps x 15kg
– Set 3: 6 reps x 25kg
– Set 4: 6 reps x 25kg

Lateral Dumbbell Raises (Goal Weight: 15kg Dumbbell)
– Set 1: 8 reps x 10kg
– Set 2: 6 reps x 12.5kg
– Set 3: 6 reps x 12.5kg

• Hanging Leg Raises
3 sets till failure.


Finishers – My High Intensity Fat Burning Circuit


I am still incorporating finishers at the end of my weight training session. Today I alternated between Jump Squats and Explosive Push-ups. I started by doing 10 of each back to back, then 9 of each back to back and so on until I reach zero. The whole circuit is done without rest and took me only about 4mins to complete.

Warm Down:
• Static Stretching

The whole session including warm-up, the workout, finishers and warm down took me 50mins to complete buring about 510kcals with an average heart rate of 123BPM.

Post-Workout Nutrition:
• Straight after the session I downed a Post-workout shake.

• All reps and sets are done with good form (no cheating or swinging the weight)
• Rest for exactly a minute between all sets except for the last 2 working sets where you rest for 2mins.
• During the workout sip on water.

At the end of the workout I was in a great mood. I had smashed my legs and shoulders and had found a new favourite gym. During the whole time I was training I was approached by several people who introduced themselves, but left it at that, because they were interested in training not socialising. I consider myself to be fairly strong, but some of the weights that the blokes in there were moving blew my mind, it was inspirational. I watched a bloke do reps of incline bench press with good form, with 4 plates a side. Another bloke was squatting 5 plates a side for reps. Whilst weight training is not a competition, I couldn’t help but be motivated by these feats of strength. Experiences like today is what I find motivational. Again through a bit of networking I found another great place to train in a location away from home.

Let me know about where your favourite gym is. If it happens to be somewhere that I travel for work, I would love to do a session there!

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